Hydroponics Guide For Home Growers

Get FREE training on all about hydroponics essential for beginners as well as experienced home growers. From different systems to various nutrients to plant deficiencies and all other day-to-day issues faced by gardeners.

All kinds of hydroponics kits are studied by us a comprehensive list is provided for the benefit of the visitor. Information is collected on the best hydroponics setup related to particular conditions and provided on this page and a number of videos have been posted on our Facebook page and group.

Whatever one needs to know on how to build a hydroponic home garden is available on our primary website and other related sites and one need not search anywhere else. A study is also carried out on the equipment used with the hydroponic system and its availability. Moreover, we are in the process of developing our own affordable designs to make hydroponic farming at home cost-effective and profitable.

All About Hydroponics Cultivation

A good display of hydroponics kits to help the visitor make a good choice is provided here. Starting from deep water mineral culture the focus is always on the growth cycle and the use of organic fertilizers is also dealt with. Inputs are provided on the best hydroponics setup one needs to implement for the maximum benefits. These inputs are useful not only for those who want to pursue hydroponics in India but also for those all over the world who are interested in deep water farming culture or other methods that enhance the growth cycle.

The main idea is to encourage hydroponics at home as a fruitful hobby and maybe later turn it into a small business. The advantages of hydroponic plant growth are many and varied and one cannot afford to neglect such a wonderfully profitable idea. Choosing the deep water culture or nutrient film technique all depends on the growth cycle that is desired.

All questions on the hydroponic system and how it works are satisfactorily attended to in this quality discourse and new inputs are added frequently. A good seed pantry is needed to give a kick-start to the growth cycle. From all kinds of hydroponics to the benefits of hydroponics every aspect is looked at in detail for the advantage of the reader.

The use of organic fertilizers can start right from the seed pantry. The debate on hydroponic system versus aquaponics will linger on but both are good ideas and both are profitable for the cultivators. The hydroponic plant grow method gives excellent growth cycle benefits right from the seed panty stage.

Recently hydroponic farming in India has been catching up steadily as more and more people are getting enticed by its results. Although the deep solution culture is difficult the grow cycle improvement makes this type of hydroponic crop grow technique lucrative.

Listed in this guide are major and minor hydroponics benefits which cannot be ignored in these times of food scarcity. The high initial cost of the deep solution culture method is compensated by the faster grow cycle and the use of organic fertilizers is also an added advantage.

The disadvantages of hydroponics outweigh all arguments and this is the way to do outdoor or indoor growing in the future. The apt aquaponics definition is growing plants using a perfect technology where plant roots are partially submerged in water all the time and no soil is used like in traditional soil farming.

To the question of what is aeroponics, one would do well to suggest that it is more like the hanging gardens where plant roots are exposed to air and watering is done by spraying. More focus is still required on the use of organic fertilizers right from seed pantry germination and all along the hydroponic grow cycle.

A grow tub is always better than metal containers as rust management is not an issue. Tap water can influence the character of the liquid nutrients thereby reducing energy on root resulting in lesser hydroponic grow that is desirable. The advanced nutrients do well in an inert medium like sewn plugs or coconut coir. A submersible pump may not be required for the seed pantry but is essential for the hydroponic grow at the later stages for better supply of energy on root for faster growth.

The organic material cannot be used as efficiently as in traditional farming to attain energy on root either in the seed pantry or in the later hydroponic plant grow stages. Things like sewn plugs, coconut coir, grow tub, metal containers, organic material etc. are all available on online stores. So water solution culture hydroponics whether using organic material or not is the future of plant production and soil conditions no more matter.

Various types of plants can be grown using the simplest form of hydroponics resulting in space saving and less water loss. This is the best opportunity to start a social enterprise whether using aeroponic techniques or simple hydroponics to achieve a final yield that is better than in traditional farming.

The simplest form of hydroponics does not require a continuous supply of electricity nor an integrated timer and no indoor grow lights either. You can start your hydroponic kitchen island in a small sunny spot in your backyard or balcony. The nutrition level has to be adjusted during the various growth stages and the pH has to be maintained at the sweet spot of around 6.2 values. Fresh tap water contains chlorine bleach and must be avoided.

If you want to go for an indoor garden choose a light panel that not only gives plenty of light but the right light spectrum. A planting cup called a netpot is required in most of the systems. Method of hydroponics for various species of plants must be selected. There is no limit to the species of plants that can be grown as the issue of soil conditions is not relevant.

The flow solution culture hydroponics is best for home growers. It requires just a container with water that contains the rich water solution. Using water bottles is a waste of hydroponics science as the final yield can be a stunted growth due to a lack of control of mineral requirements. Grow tub should be preferred over a metal container in water solution culture hydroponics as the state of the mineral nutrient solutions is not interfered with.

Passive hydroponics or static solution culture gives necessary growth to plants in water if the water levels or the nutrients level is properly maintained. Here the reservoir of nutrients or the nutrient tank is not required. Oxygenated nutrient solution gives better performance right from vegetative growth. The timely supply of water from the reservoir of nutrients is not an issue here but the nutrient levels have to be checked after a certain interval.

So choose a grow tub and not a metal container whether it is passive hydroponics or some other. The main types of nutrient deficiency syndromes and the balance of mineral requirements in a static solution culture or vertical hydroponics is discussed in detail in one of the articles. Nutrient deficiency syndromes are best controlled by providing proper mineral requirements. Water levels in the nutrient tank must always be adequate whether it is vertical hydroponics or static solution culture.

Passive hydroponics is better than vertical hydroponics to manage nutrient deficiency syndromes. The advantages of aeroponics outweigh due to the soilless environment and plants from hydroponics develop better plants roots giving faster growth and reducing life cycle. To enhance optimal growing air bubbles are create in the mineral solution which add oxygen preventing stunted growth and reduces plant diseases.

Our guide discusses aeroponic techniques used in outdoor as well as indoor growing which deal with limitation of hydroponics as well as how to have total control over pest infection. The limitation of hydroponics is real but a social enterprise is profitable by using plastic tubes rather than water bottles. An aquarium pump can suffice most of the times and plastic tubes are not very expensive.

There is nothing like waste hydroponics as soil comparison is nonexistent and to scale commercial production is easy. Vegetative growth of plants from hydroponics is so good that it makes lucrative to scale commercial activity. A soilless environment using clay pebbles or wood fibre with just nutrient tubes and no chemical equipment is the advantage of aeroponics as well as other water culture hydroponics.

Flow solution culture incorporating organic compounds along with inert materials like wood fibre or clay pebbles with nutrient tubes holding the planting cup and doing away with chemical equipment not only add to the advantage of aeroponics but give a boost to the environment. A good pump in the container with water can control the flow rates using an amp timer adding to the advantage of aeroponics. Terrestrial plants like Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Genovese Basil, trays of microgreens etc. can be grown using sunlight or a grow lamp.

Trying Hydroponics Farming At Home

The latest trend doing the rounds is hydroponic farming at home and it is found to be very enjoyable because of its ease and feasibility. To know how to build a hydroponic garden read all the literature provided in this guide with intense interest. In the near future we are planning to come out with a hydroponic farming business plan that is suited for people with scarcity of space.

The actual aeroponics definition would be suspending plants in air and regularly spraying roots with liquid nutrients at predetermined time settings. This massive guide covers complete details of all kinds of hydroponics chemicals that are required by the plants. The use of air pump, submersible pump and other are also discussed.

There are many places where one can get a reliable hydroponic farming training in India and we provide all the technical as well as practical literature in this respect. There are many examples of the hydroponic system plants that are growing fantastically well and the cultivators are very happy with the progress.

Genuine details are provided in this guide on the importance of the hydroponic system especially in places where the land is not fertile. The idea of backyard hydroponics is interesting and many have successfully implemented it and are also flourishing in their ventures.

Starting the hydroponic system indoor or outdoor will more or less require the same inputs with a little variation in the infrastructure. The initial expenses in the deep water culture are more but this method provides mineral solution to the best requirements of plants creating optimal growing conditions.

To fully comprehend what are the benefits of hydroponics we recommend reading all the articles on this topic given in this impressive guide. Plenty of light is available during all the growth stages in the deep water culture method. There are numerous and fantastic environmental benefits of hydroponics which are a real blessing to the preservation of nature.

The main advantage is the management ease of nutrition level and this is the sunny spot in these techniques while making soil comparison methods. The ultimate purpose of hydroponics would be to enhance not only the commercial products but to cultivate plant products with high nutritive value.

The hydroponic farm setup cost India varies from the size of the project desired and also on the location where the cultivation is intended to be carried out. The sweet spot is acquiring the correct technical knowledge and using direct sunlight. A solar light panel can always be incorporated to run the submersible pump which in turn is managed by an integrated timer.

To fully understand what is hydroponics definition you are requested to read the related posts in this guide and we assure you satisfaction over the content. The table of content shows nutrients for beginners to start a hydroponic kitchen island garden. The initial expenses can be reduced by using direct sunlight instead of investing in indoor grow lights.

Hydroponics Farming As A Business

The process of hydroponics photosynthesis is no different from the process followed regularly by all the other plants because it is not related to the roots. The history of soilless cultivation dates back to ages and the hanging gardens of Babylon could just be the pristine example. We peruse information on the internet and display details on all types of commercial products used for hydroponics and the data is updated as and when new inputs are available.

The is immense scope for hydroponic farming in India as the climatic conditions are suitable and the inputs required for cultivation are also reasonably affordable. The commercial growers cannot just stick to normal nutrients but have to focus on other things like plant diseases and nutrients for beginners will not suffice.

The commercial growers have to use perfect technology in their hydroponic grow enterprise so as to achieve the desired grow cycle. The use of organic fertilizers from the seed pantry stage is bound to give a better grow cycle too.

The initial hydroponic starting cost in deep water culture is on the higher side but the length of the life span of the investment makes it feasible and thus profitable for commercial products. The use of organic fertilizers is fast catching up as improvement in the grow cycle cannot be ignored.

The hydroponic plants using advanced nutrients in the deep water culture give better root growth and this makes plants without soil more profitable then in traditional farming. The use of inert medium like wood fibre, clay pebbles, coconut fibre, coconut coir, sewn plugs etc. reduce the chances of pest infection which are a hindrance to faster growth.

It is a great idea to start hydroponic farming at home may be just as a hobby or even as a small business idea. All you need is a pipe or a tray with a submersible pump with or without a simple timer. Coconut coir and sewn plugs are cheaper than clay balls or sponge. The liquid nutrients and even advanced nutrients are available freely on any online store.

There can be no one type of hydroponic farming business plan as it all depends on the size of the project one is ready to venture into. The cost of submersible pump, sewn plugs, coconut coir, liquid nutrients and even advanced nutrients is not very high.

Tap water has to be free from too much chemicals like chlorine so as not to affect the root growth. The deep water culture is also known as water culture hydroponics and is found to be a better system to manage nutrients in hydroponics.

Hydroponics And Nutrient Rich Food

We provide general information on this site and whether one starts hydroponic farming in Hyderabad or any other place does not really matter as the basic knowledge is the same for all locations.

The hydroponic farming meaning is clearly explained using a number of articles and one will only grasp the complete meaning after perusing some of the texts especially in the main article. We cannot recommend any one hydroponic farming video as there are plenty of them available on the net but one has to be cautious as there is a lot of flak material floating around. Our main article covers all topics in detail.

The ventures in hydroponic food production are increasing by the day and new entrepreneurs are finding the concept highly interesting and workable. There is no dearth of hydroponic farming training in India but here also one has to pick and choose as there are lots of spurious agencies trying to catch the fast buck. Starting from our main article you will find all the inputs that are essential.

Hydroponics And Environmental Benefits

The environmental benefits of hydroponics are humongous and this technique of food cultivation is here to stay and one has to grasp the opportunity to harness its benefits. There is no doubt whatsoever on hydroponic cultivation sustainability as this has been practically proved by the multitude of cultivators who are using it to earn their livelihood.

The hydroponic farming home idea is exciting and this is pulling many people to it as there is a little bit of a farmer inside every person. At present we do not have to much but just simple introduction of aeroponics but we intend to add more information on this subject in times to come. The hydroponic farming advantages are listed out in detail in a dedicated article to the matter and one will find all the information required to full satisfaction.

hydroponics guide
  • All about hydroponics for beginner and experienced home growers
  • Understand all the benefits of hydroponics
  • Be aware of all types of hydroponic systems
  • Learn about hydroponic plant nutrients
  • Understand all about pH, TDS, EC, CF, PPM
  • Know benefits of balanced hydroponic nutrient solution
  • Learn to identify plant deficiencies and pest attacks

Introduction To Hydroponics Guide

This complete hydroponics guide covers all essential aspects about hydroponic farming one needs to know whether a beginner or an experienced home grower. The idea of hydroponic farming is interesting to home growers as various types of vegetable, flowering and fruiting plants can be grown in anyplace.

However it is difficult to get detailed and reliable information in one place. Online training courses with the sole aim of making a quick buck are flourishing. To provide detailed scientific and practical information free of cost has been the sole motivation behind preparing this hydroponics guide.

List Of Topics

The following topics are covered in the hydroponics guide and latest information is added regularly.

  1. Hydroponics how it works (An Overview)
  2. Hydroponics Aquaponics Aeroponics
  3. What is hydroponics and its benefits?
  4. Types of hydroponic systems
  5. Hydroponic plant nutrients
  6. What are TDS and pH?
  7. COMING SOONBenefits of balanced hydroponic nutrient solution
  8. Why Urea is ineffective in hydroponics
  9. Identifying plant deficiencies
  10. Pest prevention and control
  11. Multi-plant hydroponic nutrient formula

More Inputs And Future Prospects

We are in the process of developing affordable hydroponics systems and affordable hydroponic plant nutrients for home growers. Keep track of this page for more information.

Visit our Facebook Page and watch interesting videos on various daily hydroponics issues faced by growers.

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Kits And Equipment

We are earnestly pursuing the development of hydroponics kits that should make a hydroponics setup affordable for the home grower. Read all the articles provided here to get a good hold on the subject and to know clearly how to build a hydroponic garden. In our future posts details will be provided on all kind of equipment used for hydroponics so that your endeavor of hydroponic farming at home becomes a real success.

Hydroponic Farming At Home

There is a lot of hype being created on the internet and specially the social media platforms about hydroponic farming at home and one needs to be a little careful about the various training offers. Here all the information is provided free and one would do well to read the articles here and watch the videos on our social media pages and groups.

With the ease of availability en mass of hydroponics kits it has become easier then ever before to pursue the hobby or business of a own hydroponics setup. One can use own creativity and come out with numerous ways on how to build a hydroponic garden and there are no hard and fast rules. Most of the online stores have a lot of the equipment used for hydroponics although selecting the best may be a bit of an issue.

Quality Pays Back

All materials related to hydroponics displayed on this page are the best and recommended by most of the cultivators. Some of the items may be marginally costlier than the others available on online stores. However we assure you that the few extra dollars you spend will pay back rich dividends in terms of success and higher yields.

Cheaper instruments do not last for long besides the headache of inaccurate measurements. Instruments are very important as your actions will be based on the indications shown. Wrong measurements can ruin your whole garden and many have given up hydroponics due to the discouragement.

Prevention is better than cure it is said and it really makes sense when it comes to choosing the correct materials as you decide to start your own hydroponics garden. So don’t waste time and money experimenting with cheaper stuff. Go in for tried and tested materials in the beginning that are recommended by regular users.

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