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To search for the choice items online is hard work and a time wasting activity. Before you know it you have already spent hours of precious time searching the internet to get the right item. We have taken the headache and invested our precious time so that you are able to get the best items and also save your most precious time.

Make Your Hobby More Enjoyable

Plants growing hobby is catching fast in India with the ready availability of equipments for all types of growing work and gardening has finally become an enjoyable hobby. Get the best hydroponics equipments in India for your gardening needs at affordable rates and enjoy your garden work. Grow plants in India using reliable seeds and the appropriate nutrient mixes. Start home cultivation in any Asian country and get good seeds and nutrient for your food production activity.

Efficient And Affordable Plant Nutrients

Start your own balcony farm and we will provide all the equipments and materials required for every plant to flourish and make your planting attractive and give a boost to your gardening skills. Grow all types of Asian vegetables and also your native vegetables using our guide and our materials. Learn how to grow any crop using water and provide crops to your community by just using your terrace. Hydroponics systems offer solution to farming space and you can grow crops for your whole community by utilizing the space on your terrace.

Reliable Setup And System Designs

Get all the materials required to use minimum water for farming solution using our hydroponic systems and use our training on how to deliver a product with high nutrition value. Whether you want a simple green house or a multi span greenhouse we have all the resources at your disposal and help on ponic greens is available too. Get a economical hydroponic setup and select a product type of your choice.

Top Class Submersible Pump And Air Pump

The payment terms are easy for an agricultural multi span greenhouse and the energy gain is tremendous as millions of litres of water is saved. We have done away with the minimum order quantity for the domestic market and the delivery time is quick. Get tarpaulins or plastic sheets with the film thickness satisfying international rules and regulations. A free guide is given to our clients on how to get best results in germination of Asian seeds. Growing crops gives great satisfaction and you can cultivate a mix choice of flowers and vegetables so as to make your work fruitful as well as astatically beautiful.

Long Lasting Plastic Sheets And Nets

We ship in just 3 days to North America, Central America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Credit L C is available with Telegraphic Transfer T T and our commercial success has been great. Produce clean food by growing leafy vegetables and harness the large market in the urban areas. Growing in Pet bottles will not get you anywhere except giving some personal experience in this field. So no more Pet bottles or concrete planters as everything you need is available here.

Quality Netpots And Grow Medium

Grow clean food like Malabar Spinach or Pansy Swiss and get a green thumb to your work. Available packaging typeroll and polyvinyl chloride cpvc sheets with gloss finish. The green thumb packaging typeroll and the gloss finish sheets made of polyvinyl chloride cpvc are the best. This is same as chlorinated polyvinyl.

Accurate Instruments – pH Meter And TDS Meter

Available mainline fruits like Pansy Swiss and Malabar Spinach without use of concrete planters. Our leafy vegetables are also available at urban kisaan. You can also become an Urban Kisaan by building a greenhouse using our chlorinated polyvinyl sheets and start your hydroponics business and all the materials like organic seeds and agricultural equipment will be delivered at your doorstep.

Grow Lights And Fast Germinating Seeds

We have everything of like air stone, air pump, square meter, organic seeds and other agricultural equipment required to start a hydroponics business. So save water and grow mainline fruits and increase productivity per square meter using the air pump fixed with air stone.

Aquaponics And Hydroponics Systems

This cultivation involves the process of keeping roots in moist conditions by using a technique called aquaculture. A detailed report on the exact technology to produce herbs using this idea is displayed. Don’t use metal reservoir as the work of putting paint too many times will waste precious time and money. The animal waste can be used to power the roots with sufficient energy.

Analysis Of Nutrient Solution For Vertical Farm

Farms are mushrooming near Mumbai as farmers are turning to this idea on a large scale. People love the idea of aquaponics and the demand is increasing by the day. The market demand for this type of farming is huge. Farming closer to the market and minimum use of water are the hallmarks of this type of endeavor. Using plastic reservoir is the best as there is no need of application of any paint from time to time.

Hydroponic Farming For Fodder Production

Some people are trying out fodder to produce high quality fertilizers to cultivate greens. The hydroponic technique can be used to produce crops on a large scale. Aquaponics can be used to produce fodder on a large scale. The animal waste is fully utilized as fertilizer to the crops and the system becomes highly cost effective. Aqua farms harvesting exotic crops are flourishing especially near urban locations. The urban farmer is doing very well with a indoor farm near Navi Mumbai and the production per square meter is highest in the vertical farm.

Commercial Scale Hydroponic Farmers And Food Quality

A combination of hydroponic aquaponic is the most profitable of all the ways tried out so far. People are getting good growth with hydroponics fodder cultivation. There is a large market for fodder in India and the aquaponics market is very large as demand is huge. Fodder growth is better than in greens and farmers using this technique have the power to capture the market using these aquaponics systems. Training in aquaponics systems creating fodder is available at farms in Mumbai. The process of aquaculture must adapt to the conditions whether to grow herbs or other species and a report of the technology used is freely available. The forecast from the analysis for the coming times in building these types of networks is encouraging.

Training And Consultancy

All training required to start hydroponics farming is provided in the guide that covers all aspects of this technique. Free consultancy is provided via our Facebook Page queries or Facebook Group interactions. We want to create a huge community committed to grow high quality nutritious food using hydroponic technology and we are providing all the inputs to realize their dreams of becoming commercial scale farmers. Be it a tiny unit for personal hobby or consumption or a medium scale commercial venture all options are taken care of by us. The focus is on passive and active kinds of technologies. Both deep water and shallow cultures are promoted with equal zeal.

List Of Items For Sale

Our supplies includes hydroponic and aquaponics systems and equipment like plastic tubes, aquaponics fish tank, netpots, hydroponic nutrients, grow lights, NFT channels, submersible pump, biofilter,air pump, dutch buckets, plastic sheets, radial filter, clay balls, growing media like coco peat, hydroponics seeds, etc.

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