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Know what is an anxiety attack and educate yourself on all the aspects of anxiety related disorders. Cope with the problem by observing the signs and symptoms of depression.

how to deal with depression

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What Is An Anxiety Attack? Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

Given below are numerous ideas on how to cope with an anxiety attack and manage your life better. Do you carry a feeling of anxiousness all the time? Are you reluctant to talk about yourself with friends or at the workplace with colleagues? Are you uncomfortable joining in at social events? Do you overreact in certain situations? This post is prepared by keeping in mind all those who are afflicted by such behavior patterns.

A normal sense of nervousness is experienced by everyone when trying a task at a work place or just before answering an exam or an interview or in the moments of making serious decisions. If you go through frequent attacks of stress and anxiety which often show up from nowhere making you feel anxious on numerous occasions then you may be facing a problem commonly known as a general anxiety disorder. Taking the help of a registered professional therapist is absolutely essential in such a situation. This has to be done on a war footing before the disorder reaches a panic stage.

How To Cope With Anxiety Attack Symptoms

If you feel nervousness is getting the better of you then the best thing to do is get some physical exercise. Certain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are generated in the brain during physical exercise. These make a person feel a lot of content which in turn leads to the calmness of the mind. Physical exercise is the easiest way to get relief from tensions. It also lowers your body pressure which reduces the range of nervousness.

Stay away from all caffeinated drinks and all types of stimulant drugs. Excess of caffeinated drinks can cause a feeling of anxiety and nervousness even in a normal person. The consequences of such drinks on a person already struggling with stress-related disorders could be disastrous, to say the least. The purpose of stimulant drugs and caffeine based drinks is to stop the generation of specific chemicals in the brain that causes calmness and thereby increase the sense of alertness. This has a negative effect on folks who are predisposed to the problem of depression and anxiety. Symptoms like increased pulse rate is a sure sign of a panic attack waiting in the wings. Other signs of impending depression can be sweating palms and in some cases even buzzing within the ears.

How To Deal With Depression

Spend time in a place that is aesthetically beautiful which gives a feeling of relaxation and makes you comfortable. Enjoy the colors and creativity in nature. Focus on the things in life that you have in abundance. Drink a lot of water. Listen to some melodious instrumental music. Taking recourse to these anchors will divert your attention away from the pressing depressing thoughts in your mind.

Being grateful and expressing gratitude for a whole lot of good things in life can help to manage difficult times of anxiety. Try to make a count of the number of things you feel grateful about. You will notice that there are so many good things which are not fresh in your mind. The positive thoughts have the ability to defeat the depressing ones and give a feeling of comfort.

How To Stop A Panic Attack

Spending some time doing deep breathing does a world of good as the brain has sufficient oxygen to generate positive feeling chemicals. In times of nervousness, breathing becomes erratic and aggravates the disorder of anxiety. Concentrating on your breathing will also divert the mind away from depressing thoughts. Slow and deep inhaling exhaling for a few minutes will do the trick.

Following a disciplined routine of stress relieving activities is the best long term solution for anxiety and depression disorders. These activities will not only help the proper functioning of the brain but will also add to the well being of the body. Light reading on the topics that are positive in nature and humorous in content will help in relaxation.

More Symptoms And Signs Of Depression

If you are experiencing excessive palpitations accompanied with more than normal sweating and or chest pain then this could be a panic attack. To add to that you may also experience choking with irregular heartbeat with a feeling that your heart will stop beating any moment.

A milder form could be the experience of overwhelming self consciousness in day to day social life. Add to this an extreme fixation of of being judged or ridiculed even when the same is not the case. This is more of a social phobia then extreme disorder.

Some people are faced with the problem of just phobias. This causes a feeling of intense fear related to an object or a situation. Fear of heights or fear of being in a crowded place are two common examples.

Enjoy Permanent Relief From Stress

Educating oneself on the nuances of anxiety is just the beginning of the endeavor. The longer-term results depend on how judiciously you follow the recommendations and adhere to a strict discipline. Dealing with the problem of anxiety or depression need not be too heavy on your pocket. It is just a matter of resolutely doing the things that make you feel calm and relaxed.

There is a silver lining to folks who experience constant overwhelming nervousness, stress, depression, anxiety or fear. With a good treatment most people are able to manage such feelings of negativity and live a fulfilling life.

Prudence Is Better Than Valor

CAUTION: The natural therapies suggested in this post do not carry any adverse effects and can be freely implemented without much help from others. However the use of prescription drugs is strictly forbidden unless recommended by a registered practitioner. Drugs once started cannot be abandoned abruptly but have to be gradually reduced as advised by the psychologist to avoid unwanted complications.