Places To Visit In Goa

Comprehensive Goa tourism guide on places to visit in Goa with special emphasis on Goa tourist places and Geo historical data of all Goa places to visit along with images of most tourist places in Goa. Includes names, photos and locations of all artefacts, beaches, churches, islands, rivers, springs, temples, waterfalls, wildlife, night life, restaurants, cities, towns, villages and more.

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Goa Tourism

Goa tourism is on the threshold of taking giants steps with the influx of international visitors from all the ends of the world. Goa holiday location is going to take a huge leap in terms of increase in the number of visitors as the government has set up a well planned approach. Goa holiday location is a marvel of the east and the sunny sea sides are a delightful experience for the visitor from the western world. No more can Goa party spot be left behind to get hordes of new sightseeing guests as well as holiday makers as it is hugely popular across the continents.

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Places To Visit In Goa

There is no dearth of places to visit in Goa as there are not just sunny sandy coastal spots but the back waters and other historical sites as well. To get a detailed report of places to visit in Goa is a necessary part of all holiday planning in this region of the eastern world. No one can prepare an exhaustive list of the places to visit in Goa as there are too many facets to this pearl of a paradise which one needs to see to believe. Don't worry about listing out places to visit in Goa as the place is extraordinarily beautiful in all its contours and not just the beach but the interior villages also have much to offer. The coast lands are not the only places to visit in Goa but there are unlimited avenues related to sightseeing as well as for celebrating person functions and even for sports holidays. Finally a well planned approach towards places to visit in Goa will pay rich dividends as one can make the most of their holiday here which is always short of wanted number of days.

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Goa Tourist Places

Goa tourist places need a resolute study of the historical aspect of this jewel as many a rulers have adorned it with their compliments. Jump on the internet and place a look for the best guest holiday locations and you will find Goa sightseeing places occupying a predominant place in any search. Goa guest holiday places has been one of the most sought after pleasure spots for youth, couples or families and even the lone wolf can make merry here. It is not possible to find a spot on earth better than Goa guest holiday places and if you consider the cost to your pocket you will find it a gift from the divine.

Goa Places To Visit

There are many Goa places to visit that lie in the hinterland and although this is relatively a small place one needs to have dedicated transportation to do justice to the trip. None of the Goa places to visit are littered with garbage but everything is spic and span and the health conscious visitor will revel in the beauty of the nature. There are other Goa places to visit that are not much talked about as the economic benefits to the big shark are few and things are run here by the local tiny businesses. Make sure you go to all the Goa places to visit and don't let go of any hidden jewel that many a visitor has missed once too often.

Tourist Places In Goa

There are different kinds of tourist places in Goa and one has to be selective so as not to miss some of the better ones especially if you stay is for a limited period. Measure the various kinds of activities offered by the varied guest party places in Goa and go for those that appeal to you the most do a little bit of research on the locations. Before you go to any tourist places in Goa it is recommended to take some time off and study the historical significance of the multitude of sites and always be well prepared. Guest holiday places in Goa can be categorized in various segments depending on your tastes and what kind of fun you are looking for during your holiday to this eastern location. There are government authorized escorts with sound knowledge on the various tourist places in Goa and one need to make a small allocation of funds while planning a satisfying holiday here.

Goa Tourism And Places To Visit

Now that you know where to find the Goa places to visit you can have a relaxation of your lifetime and this will surely be the best holiday of your whole pleasure seeking life. There are even more Goa places to visit which your mind cannot even comprehend as only a thorough study of the literature of this location is needed for a fulfilling holiday trip.

Goa Tourism
Places To Visit In Goa
Goa Tourist Places
Goa Places To Visit
Tourist Places In Goa

Goa is geographically divided into north Goa and south Goa by the river Mandovi but whichever side you choose there is no dearth of sunny, sandy, colorful coastlands. The high end visitors access Goa via the Dabolim Airport. The domestic visitors more often use the national highway or the Indian railways network. The cruise ships can embark via the Vasco da Gama sea port. The Mondovi River was once upon a time used to bring in visitors from the port of Mumbai but not so anymore. Nelson Pilsner, Colombia.

Because of the Arabian Sea bordering Goa on one side the the coastal areas of Goa have been for a very long time the main attraction. However in recent times loads of other ventures are made available to make the visitor enjoy the whole ambience of the place. Patricia Williams, Scotland.

Because of the long duration Portuguese rule the place is laced with some extraordinary and stupendous Portuguese architecture. The churches of Goa and Fort Aguada are two classic reminders of this era. Because of the long rule of the invaders the Portuguese culture is very much visible in the daily life of the native Goan. The konkani language which is of Indian origin is also written in Roman script due to this confluence. Thomas Harvey, Puerto Rico.

The east of Goa is lined by the Western Ghats and the whole area is laced with springs and many a national park has been developed. The Aravalem waterfall and the Mollem national park are just two pristine examples. Pearn Hamshire, Britain.

The Goa tourism development corporation has contributed much to the variety that is available to the visitors in the modern times. The museum of Goa and the sanctuaries in Goa are a testimony of this good work. Robin Clinton, Texas.

Trip to Goa has to be well planned in advance to savor all the luxuries that are available here. One can visit Goa and move around on his own but for those who do not have the luxury of time going in for a Goa trip package is ideal. Daisy Ramos, Italy.

The foreign holiday maker may prefer scuba diving while the domestic ones may go for dingy sailing but there is something for everyone and every category of visitor will enjoy the visit. The mesmerizing nature fronts in Goa leave many a visitor spell bound as the beauty of the place is immaculate and pristine. Robert Angler, Greece.

The hotels in Goa offer wide range of garden view rooms as well as sea side view rooms which are a little expensive. Whether you are in northern Goa or in southern Goa there is no shortage of good quality hotels to stay and there is one to suit your budget. Lucy Phineas, Israel.

The nature lover can visit the wildlife sanctuary and there are a quite few of them and they are loaded with water falls and islands. The Western Ghats are surrounded by dense forest and all types of rare wild animals are there for the wild life lover to cherish. Shane Dickson, Ireland.

The Sinquerim sea side is quiet and serene while the Baga water front is always bustling with activity with the option to take part in water sports. Fort Aguada houses one of the top class five star hotels and the sea side is just a stone throw away. Shirley Monroe, Brazil.

For the Goan Catholic the Basilica of Bom Jesus is the heart of all the churches as it is the biggest in size and houses the second largest bell in Asia. This is the place for the spiritually oriented with the sacred body of St. Francis Xavier still uncorrupted for more than five hundred years being on display here. Isaiah Rawa, Egypt.

If you are travelling by the national high and land in the top side of Goa and then you can move along the sea side road and proceed to lower end Goa. Baga sea side and Sinquerim sea side are in north Goa while butterfly beach is in south Goa. Querim beach is in the extreme north while Palolem beach is in the extreme south. Sonia Magdelene, Toronto.

Quite a few of the coastal spots nowadays have water sports facilities. The best wildlife sanctuary is in the hinter land as the forest coverage is along the Western Ghats. The Mahaveer sanctuary is one of the must visit places for those who are on look out for a good wild life sanctuary. Joseph Auguiar, Costa Rica.

The body of St. Francis Xavier who is a catholic saint is on display at the Bom Jesus Basilica and this is one sight no visitor to Goa can miss. The Goan catholic churches are an architectural marvel and the rich legacy of the Portuguese rule is on display. There are large numbers of Goan catholic churches in the hinter land as well which are worth the visit. Ivana Rabzoky, Russia.

The foreign guests love Dona Paula which is an exceptional sight and well maintained by Goa tourism Development Corporation with recent renovations to beautify the place even more. Rafael Soares, France.

The Ashvem beach and Candolim beach are located very far from Dona Paula sea front but as the river Mondovi separates them the time of travel increases. The Baga deck is a very popular destination. Travelling along Miramar beach a visit to the institute of oceanography is good for the educational minded visitor. Jenny Shrivers, Kentucky.

There are many spots in Goa and to get a good experience in Goa one has to look beyond the coasts in Goa. The changing season in Goa offers different kinds of experience in Goa. Ashley Murray, New Zealand.

Panjim is the capital of Goa and the city of Goa is home to various types of resorts in Goa. The fares of the resorts in Goa vary as per the season in Goa. Sandra Jaffery, Turkey.

The Sinquerim beach is completely different from the Butterfly beach and Arvalem waterfall is just the opposite dimension of what this place has to offer. A visit to a wildlife sanctuary is still more variety for the visitor and scuba diving is another diverse activity. Rodney Samson, Philipines.

So just like the Dabolim airport is different from the national highway so are the various places and activities in this small paradise. If the Arabian Sea offers water skiing then the Mandovi River offers opportunity for hinter land travel to places like Chorao Island. Danielle Solomon, Japan.

The Calangute beach is the most popular for domestic visitors and it is not at a great distance from Panjim. The distance from Panjim to most of the places is not very far. Terence Lincoln, California.

The Calangute beach and Palolem beach are counted among the most famous sea side spots in Goa. The Chorao Island is a unique place and is destination to one of the unique festivals of the region. Maggie De Lima, Mexico.

There are number of clubs in Goa and some of them are the prime attractions of Goa. Dinghy sailing is another activity available but not everyone is savvy about this risky sport in Goa. David Afleck, Bermuda.

The Panjim Kadamba Bus Stand is the main link to all the places in Goa. Whether you want to go to Velha Goa or to the Mormugao Port this is the main junction for bus travellers. The distance from Panjim to any place in Goa is around an hour’s drive. Chorao Island is very close to the city although one has to take a ferry to cross the river. However Betul beach is almost an hour’s drive from the city. Shania Tucker, Colorado.

You can see large crocodiles travelling through the Mandovi River along the border of Chorao Island and this is a very rare sight. Goa is home to large number of palm trees which is a versatile plant giving numerous benefits to the natives. Mark Robertson, Mauritius.

If you want to visit an island in Goa it is inevitable that you have to cross the mainland by ferry boat. The Goa market is full of various domestic product and spices and cashew nuts are the prime items one should look to buy here. Gina Kylie, Luxembourg.

The Morjim beach is a popular tourist destination especially for the Russian visitors as there are many resorts there specially catering to their needs. Mandrem beach which is not too far from here is also getting its share of foreign visitors in recent times. Jason Rowensky, Ukraine.

The Goan villages reflect the true Goan culture and here you will get the real glimpse of ancestral Goa. The tell tales of indo Portuguese Goan history are found here in plenty and more so among the elderly population. Nefisa Calado, Syria.

Peruse the list of Goa places given above and you will find the places of choice which will make your sightseeing in Goa a pleasurable experience. Ronnie Layton, Cuba.

Goa is a destination in India known for beach, temple, wildlife sanctuary, party, casino, cuisine, dinghy sailing, water sports, cultural heritage, wind surfing, and much other tourist activity. The Goan food is mouth watering, the nightclubs in Goa are exotic, the beach shacks are a delight, the water scooter ride is exciting, the Christian art is mesmerizing, the rainy season is romantic, the dance floor is always full, and one can go on and on. Nelly Cordeiro, Croatia.

The Anjuna flea market is held close to the Anjuna beach is a rare kind of market where you can find all kinds of crafts and artistic items besides loads of spices that make the rich Goan food tantalizing. Raiza Sheik, Saudi Arabia.

The Mahadev temple and the Mangueshi temple are special attraction for the spiritual minded Indian and foreign guests. It is a great holiday experience to move from one end of the region to the other. Ignatius Sontorro, Denmark.

The convents of Goa add to the aura of the churches in Goa and the Archaeological museum has a lot of items from the old structures that were destroyed due to old age. Vagator beach is a popular north Goa beach and because of its splendid sight is counted among the top destination of India. Rita D'souza, Nigeria.

The heritage houses are other exotic places to go to in this small state. The rich heritage inherited from the European conquerors is evident in every aspect of life here. The Portuguese heritage is visible especially in old buildings and Christian religious places. Nigel De Kock, South Africa.

This region is a good market for all local types of products and the cuisine is very special and is part of the exotic heritage. In recent times the Indian influence seems to be taking over the rich heritage of this region. The museum reflects part of the ancient culture of the peoples here. Jennifer Ferrao, Rhodes Island.

There are many towns here like Mapusa know for the edible products market especially those that are grown around the place by the natives. Margao is another popular town for shopping in local items. Rex Peterson, Holland.

This place is a real party avenue and there is one around every corner no matter what time of day or night. The rave party is another prime feature of this holiday venture. Music is in the blood of every family here even the monsoon season is an occasion for partying. The nightlife here is crazy which adds to the fun of the holiday venue. Loretta Angie, Australia.

The unesco world heritage site is sponsored by the organization and there are many structures that are taken care by this entity. The average travelers love the affordability of this holiday venue. The local community used to be basically busy in fishing occupation due to the long coast that borders this state. The style of the local population is a confluence of the east and the west and the community is very hospitable. Shubert Davidson, Helsinki.

The migratory birds are a different kind of attraction in some months of the season. Unique birds from all over the world fly here. Velha Goa houses the ancient Pilar monastery and is a place of quiet spirituality. Josphine Langer, South Africa.

The delicacies of this region will leave your mouth watering. The fish cuisine is exceptional. Dance is another feature of this great and lively native community. Windsurfing is available for the sea lovers and the tough guys. If you love dance then you cannot miss club Cubana. If you love village life Divar Island is the spot to be at. If you like watching the sea and waves go to Aguada Fort. Larry Dickson, Ireland.

The white sand is not found all over the region but in certain parts of the coastal landscape. The international airport is in the center of the state and movement in all directions is very convenient. Amanda Ginger, Nevada.

The ancient church of the Immaculate Conception is in the heart of the capital city and the hotel prices here are reasonable. The foreign tourist arrivals are bowled by the amazing food of this state. You can go to the bar and club but the trance parties are not for everyone. Jason Mitchel, Paraguay.

The seafood along the western coast is mouth watering with a strong dose of the Goan spices. Sea food is available along the whole west coast and numerous are the local delicacies. There is no dearth of a picnic spot on the west coast and the rich flora offers many hinterland spots. Lorraine Nestle, France.

Rich varieties of guest houses are found all over the land. The whole coastal belt is lined with different types of hotels. Alex Upjohn, Panama.