Ranksnap is a automation tool that submits text, image and video content to relevant sites with links embedded in the content. It helps to save time and boost ranking power of your website or blog. Better search rankings improve traffic and result in higher earnings.

This detailed ranksnap 2.0 review about the quality backlinks builder will aid you to make an informed decision. Learn how the backlinks generator helps your SEO link builder network. Know whether this backlink maker is better than other backlink creator tools.

Use this backlink types maker and maximize the power of your inbound signals thereby boosting page rank. The external signal creator helps to get high DA but this is not sufficient. High PR is also necessary which the SEO link builder will aid to get. Join the social signal Exchange and increase power of your inbound signals exponentially by creating complimentary signals using the backlink software builder.

What Is Ranksnap And How Does It Work

Ranksnap backlinks generator is a cloud based automation seo link builder that helps to build external signals. The tedious time consuming work of opening accounts with multiple sites and manual posting is taken care of by this permalink maker. More importantly this safe link creator offers proxy servers that deliver operations from multiple geo locations and addresses. Remember robots can easily find out how the inbound signals are created. If it is done from the same location and address robots record it as spam and the external signals are ignored.

Drawbacks About Ranksnap Backlink Maker

The Ranksnap backlinks generator software presently has too many drawbacks and if not used properly could end up being a huge waste of time. It took me a few months to get around these drawbacks and manage the network signal builder in a manner that is useful. All the methods I have learnt about this backlinks generator through my experience are presented here for the benefit of others. One needs to have a good grasp of this SEO external signal builder otherwise you could end up doing everything that annoys search engines. All the necessary information on the auto signal creator is provided on this page.

More About Ranksnap SEO Link Builder

The SEO link builder to start with offers facility of auto accounts creation on web 2.0 sites. The inbound signal maker can also create auto accounts on bookmarking sites. The external signals creator further offers option to create auto accounts on status update sites. The inbound signals builder also creates auto accounts on video platforms. All in all this external signals generator is versatile with many features.

More reasons to invest in Ranksnap Pro

It is a aid to help to reduce workload and it is cloud based software. It is a great help to create or build a simple visual backlink strategy and help your rankings with Google to soar. You can take a piece of content and turn it into a mill of articles by using pre defined templates with the help of this great helper assistant called Ranksnap 3.0 and with much ease. It will easily create every address you need and keep you away from the headache of checking confirmation emails and also the tedious job of checking on confirmation links. Ranksnap Pro goes a step further to satisfy the client by offering a 30 day money back guarantee. The offers however are totally useless and this way of incorrect business is done by most of the internet sellers of this type of products.

Newbies must follow cost saving methods

Raksnap Pro provides more trust to the customer with the inclusion of the citation scanner. Once again I reiterate that this is not for seo newbies and the inaccurate business details provided in most of the reviews and articles have put many people in trouble till now. If you do not gather information from credible sources then this endeavor will end up being an expensive process. Try all types of anchor text variations to boost rankings and use as many local sites as possible as this goes well with Google. This is a good aid to manage local search rankings as it helps to build some high quality backlinks and for the professional folks the use will give an edge with citations all over the web world.

Factors that have biggest impact on rankings

It is important to keep note of the key factor while using this process as the biggest impact will come from the proper use of the item. It is absolutely necessary that all seo marketers heed this advice and keep looking out for more and more high quality backlinks sources which are not so difficult to find. For all those who come in the category of service providers this is a great opportunity to provide services to clients that are worthy of the money they are ready to invest. People are on the lookout all the time on social media sites for a reputed online marketer who is reliable and will do good job with building citations. There are others who are continuously looking out for some credible service provider who will do a trustworthy job with citation submission and other related activities.

Importance of using Feeds to promote sites

There are many new cash sites who are in need of feeds to their websites and they need this on a consistent basis so that search engines do not consider their behaviors as spam and hence all technical issues have to be death with caution of a professional. This is a fine opportunity to be a traffic magnet and get the maximum benefit of the opportunity available on content creation. It makes a lot of sense to spend your valuable time in building high value blog networks which will pay handsomely in the long run. This is also a new opening to get some regular passive income and add to your revenue growth.

Guide with detailed instructions

The step by step guide we have prepared will equip you for all eventualities and the special bonus of free web signals will give a solid start to your venture. The special bonuses are in addition to the tried and tested sales funnel that comes along with it with no extra cost. Make a habit of posting a lot of images on Facebook as this will enhance your commissions in the future. Posting number of images on Instagram also has a good traction on the commissions you can earn with this fine item. So the valuable bonus package is very simple and much will depend on your own behaviour and how you approach this endeavor.

Brief summary of all Ranksnap products

Time to change work culture and stick to doing things in just a few minutes instead of wasting a lot of precious time. This can be now easily done by using Special Cloud Based Version that is offered at your door steps. One should not also forget the 30 day money back guarantee that is offered on every new purchase of Ranksnap 3.0 but remember this is not a shortcut to do away with effort. So go in without any delay and get the frontend lite module of this precious and popular item. Now is the moment to save tons of time by doing away with all the old outdated seo apps and embrace the new and versatile package that is being offered to you at a discounted price. Time to start building top quality citations in seo with this masterpiece and get the ever wanted ranking edge over all your competitors. There is no doubt that this citation creator will deliver unlimited number of top quality signals that will soar your positions on all search engines.

Conclusion on Ranksnap Review various versions

From now on you can be counted among the providers of high quality backlink sources and just see how the figures per month increase exponentially. Follow the basic rules and provide accurate business info to your customers and you will do well. To help you in this regard make use of the citation builder fixer which is very handy. One more essential is to prepare regular reports on how the automated backlink software is performing in relation on indexing on search pages. Make use of my bonuses and I will teach you a special shortcut technology that will boost your work quality. This special treat works on a mobile device as well and this is a life time uninterrupted offer.

Call to action without delay

So with a 30 day money back guarantee policy and a much sought after sales funnel you have got everything you need to make great progress in your internet business venture. Once again remember to use colorful and attractive images on Facebook and all other social media platforms like Instagram to boost your sales and get in more revenue. Also remember a good work behaviour towards clients is the most precious bonus package you can offer and images of your business will automatically appear on social media platforms. Many interesting reports are available on Wordpress blogs about the new and useful citation builder fixer. Finally don't trust people who provide a wrong phone number on their website but only those who provide proper contact details.

All About Ranksnap Backlinks Generator

The initial journey of 30 months with Ranksnap was very frustrating with too many glitches in the software. Like most people I too had given up on it for few months. But finally the software has got upgraded to a satisfactory level.

However Ranksnap 3.0 Deluxe or any other version is just a backlinks creation tool and the results depend on how one uses it. You can get good results but you can also get blacklisted by Google. A basic knowledge of SEO is a must and this page provides it. I have mastered the software and know how to get the best out of it.

Do not get carried away by free offers of BONUSES and freebies. All this FREE bonus stuff is worthless and all of it is available on the net. Do not also believe in everything the promoters of the tool say. A lot of it is just eyewash and promotion tactics. If you could get on 1st page of Google for any high competitive keyword just by using a tool then everyone would be there! However there is much more value in the tool than its price if you know how to use it to your advantage. This product can do wonders for low competition keywords and especially those that are related to specific locations.


This newly launched backlinks creator tool is a superb product to use in combination with Ranksnap. Even a dummy can use it. This is a real game changer. It creates links on 1000 sites which are completely different to what is offered by Ranksnap using high quality content included in the package itself. A perfect tool to take your link building strategy to a new level. All this at an insanely unbelievable price. A limited discounted offer is going on. However it offers a different kind of link mixture and is not a complete replacement for Ranksnap. If you have never used a backlink building tool before then this is the right one for you to start with. To read more about this product click here or just CHECKOUT the product for yourself NOW.


If you buy Ranksnap using link provided on this page I will provide all the know how to get safe and maximum benefits. I will also create hundreds of high quality FREE backlinks to your website which will increase DA to 50+ within 45 days.

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Keep reading to find out more about our unlimited automatic Backlinks Building platform.

10 Critical Components Of A Solid SEO Strategy

Ranking high on search engine results has become one of the best ways to get a large traffic volume to your website. But the competition is fierce, and you need a solid SEO strategy to get to the top. Here are ten critical components to include in your winning plan of action.

Whether you run an eCommerce shop, write articles at the space news magazine or promote your beauty salon, most of your fans will probably find you via Google search. Or, they will never reach you if you haven’t taken care of your search engine optimization. Because here’s the thing: people rarely go past the first page of search results, and mostly only click on the first three sites.

So that’s where you want your name to be: among the top three names that come up when typing relevant keywords into the search bar. But to achieve that goal is not an easy task. It is possible only with a solid SEO strategy plan that can guide you through the ever-changing world of optimizing a website. And here are the ten critical components you should definitely include in this winning SEO plan:

1. It All Starts With the Keywords

The central element of every SEO content strategy is the keywords people type into the search bar that lead them to you. Knowing these keywords allows you to embed them in your content and drive traffic to your website. Here’s how to find the keywords that might work for you:

Brainstorm and write out all the possible keywords people might use to find products like yours. Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to see which keywords your competitors are using. One-word keywords have a lot of competition. So you might want to go with a long-tail SEO strategy. Longer keywords have less competition and are more accurate to what your potential customers are looking for.

2. Go Deeper Into Competitor Research

If you want your local SEO strategy to be successful, you need to beat your competitors. And after putting together a list of companies you need to surpass, try to estimate their search traffic value, domain authority, inbound links, monthly search traffic,etc. That requires more powerful tools than Google AdWords. Ahrefs, OpenSiteExplorer, and SpyFu are some of the best software for the job. They’ll also enable you to put all the collected data in a chart that shows you visually the points where your competitors are ahead of you. It gives you a clear view of which areas in your business need the most improvement.

3. Meta tags – a Vital Part of a Solid SEO Strategy

Meta tags are still crucial to your SEO content marketing strategy. These tags are the keywords in the head section and description of your page. So why are they so important? Because Google takes the fact of a keyword being in the page title as a sign of relevancy. And relevant keywords inform the search engine about the content of your site. Then, based on that information, Google determines which keywords your business will rank for.

4. Quality Content Comes First

It’s not the old days anymore where you could stuff your text seamlessly with keywords and hope for a high ranking that way. In 2021 your SEO content marketing strategy should focus on creating memorable user experiences. Google ranks higher the sites that provide valuable educating content. So don’t get too hung up on placing all the keywords in your texts. Instead, write articles that establish you as a knowledgeable authority in your niche. More traffic to your website and more sales will follow.

5. Backlinks Building

An SEO campaign strategy should also forge connections with other websites via backlink building. But here’s what you need to keep in mind in 2021:

You can’t spam with your links anymore. They need to come from authoritative sources. Frequent low-quality links can seriously damage your search engine rankings. Many backlinks from different quality websites linking to your page are a sign to Google that your content is valuable to readers. And Google rewards that by giving your page a higher ranking. So how do you get quality backlinks? The answer is obvious: write so good content that other sites are eager to link to it or use Automatic Backlinks to get quality authoritative backlinks now. You can set requirements to majestic rank, topic, language and many other factors to get the backlinks you need.


6. Social Media

A lot has changed in Google algorithms since social media became an integral part of our everyday lives. Google now counts your site more authoritative if it has a solid presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. That means your company’s actions on social media and SEO strategy should go hand in hand. Growing your influence and gathering followers across social media will get you higher in the search engine rankings.


7. Product images – Yes, You Can Optimize Them Also

Advice on an SEO strategy for a website usually involves talking about keywords and placing them in your texts. But guess what? The images play a vital role also. That’s because people are often looking for products via the “image” search. It’s a route that drives plenty of traffic to your website because your people can click on the image and land in your store. And here’s how to optimize your images:

Keep the names for your images descriptive but as simple as possible. Make your image file sizes smaller so that it wouldn’t take a long time to load them. Choose a file type that provides good image quality. GIFs are always a good choice. Make your thumbnails as small as possible without compromising image quality. Again, the reason being that smaller files make the pages load faster. Keep your decorative images at a minimum, or even better, don’t use them. Backgrounds, borders, buttons, etc.,slow down the webpage and make people navigate away from you.


8. Crawling

Google crawls your page and indexes it in search results based on what it finds. However, sometimes a website gets blocked from Google search. When that happens, you can go to the Google search console and open the robots.txt file. It shows you which of your site’s resources are blocked.

9. On-Page Optimization

On-page elements like URLs, ALT tags, page title lengths, header tags, etc., should be on all of your pages. They make the website fully optimized. To discover the pages with missing elements, use software like SerpClix or Screaming Frog.

10. Keep Your Site Design and Architecture Enjoyable

Like we’ve already mentioned, Google loves sites that prioritize their user experience. So a crucial part of any global SEO strategy should be making sure your site is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, etc. To get ideas on what to improve, you can send out quick surveys to your customers asking about their satisfaction with your site. Maybe some of your pages load too long, or your navigation menu is cluttered. All these issues are easy to fix once you’ve identified them. And since mobile-friendliness has recently become a vital factor in getting high Google rankings, make sure your site passes Google’s mobile-friendliness test.


So this was our list of ten critical components of a solid SEO strategy. Use the tips from this article to rank higher on Google, increase the flow of organic traffic to your site, and make sales. It’s all up to you. What are some SEO strategy examples that have worked wonderfully for your organization? Share your advice in the comments section.


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If you have already purchased Ranksnap then along with the above fiverr.com order I will provide step by step guidance using texts and videos on how to make the best use of the tool. It took me more than 2 years and wastage of around 7000 credits to master the tool as there is no proper guidance from the promoters.

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Make Your Backlinks Super Powerful

When somebody clicks on your backlinks and reaches your site Google is very impressed and accrues greater value to them. However getting artificial hits of short duration will create a negative impact as session duration is a very important factor in page ranking. Google also tracks the ip addresses and the locations of the hits to your site. So plenty of short duration hits, hits from same ip addresses and hits from same geo locations are of little value.

We have developed a network that delivers long duration hits from your backlinks with click-through options from around 20 different countries and using thousands of different ip addresses. We can provide hits to your website originating from your backlinks with session durations of at least 3 minutes. Higher sessions time can be provided as per your requirements. List of countries include US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, France, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Japan, India, Netherland, Czeck Republic, Poland, Austria, etc.

Additionally clicking on links within the site can also be arranged with different session times for different pages. Recent studies have proved that visitor clicks within the site (click-through) are given the highest consideration by Google in page ranking. This is one factor that can even get a mediocre page a great ranking.

In the initial offer you will get 30 hits from your backlink to your website with one click-through within your site. The total session duration is limited to 5 minutes. Hits will be spread over a period of 30 days to get maximum traction. All hits will be visible on your website stats and also on Google Analytics. The launch offer rate is $30 payable via Paypal only. Paypal address will be provided. Note that the 30 hits amount to 150 minutes spent on your website. For more info refer to: Our Services

There are tons of SEO factors but just 3 carry maximum weightage (around 90%) - Unique Content, Backlinks, and Hits with click-through and long session durations. No one will stay long on a page that is not interesting. This is the simple logic used by Google's latest algorithms. But there is a way to get around everything.

Regular information will be added to this page related to SEO, backlink building and other options that help in getting higher page rankings. So bookmark this page and visit often. For the sake of education enhancement all information you need to know about SEO (search engine optimization) is provided below.

Links below open in this box itself. This helps smartphone users to save large amounts of data. To start again click:

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How To Increase Power Of Backlinks

Creating backlinks on high DA (Domain Authority) sites is essential but if the page on which your backlinks are placed does not have desired amount of content the PR (Page Rank) will be very low. Considering equal DA, backlinks on pages with higher PR will deliver more link juice to your site. The PR depends on content and some other factors.

Keeping a decent limit to backlinks on a blog post is necessary but when it comes to Bookmarks and Status Updates, the number and variety of links makes things look more realistic. The text accompanied with the links will also add content to the page and thus increase PR. This will also make links look natural.

The concept of Ranksnap backlinks generator exchange is to share backlinks in a reciprocating manner. This is a win win situation for all.

As Ranksnap backlinks generator presently offers 17 blog sites, 8 Bookmarking sites and 4 Status Update sites an exchange of 29 links makes for an ideal deal. With this deal one can build thousands of quality and natural looking backlinks. This method increases the power of everyone's backlinks exponentially.

The idea is not to avoid creating additional accounts with ranksnap as that is inevitable but to increase the PR and thereby the value of backlinks.

How Does Ranksnap Backlinks Generator Exchange Work?

Step 1: Create 29 backlinks to 17 DIFFERENT blog sites, 8 DIFFERENT bookmarking sites and 4 DIFFERENT status update sites using content posted below. Use SYNTAX article on any of these categories ONLY (education, business, home business, blogging, seo, web design, self development, family, parenting, recreation, garden)


Step 2: All communications through my Facebook Group only. Post the details of backlinks created in the comments section of THIS POST on my Facebook Group along with your posting text and website link.

Details of your 29 backlinks will be provided within 15 days in a similar comment.

ranksnap backlinks generator exchange

Importance Of Generic Anchor Text

If backlinks using relevant keywords as anchor text exceed 30% then Google considers them spammy. Google expects at least 60% of the backlinks to have generic words or phrases as anchor text. We have compiled a list of 350 such generic keywords that can be used for anchor text while creating backlinks. Generic keywords are provided in syntax format as well as normal text so as to make things easy for the users.

Links below open in this box itself. This helps smartphone users to save large amounts of data. To start again click:

High DA Sites That Offer Top Quality Free Backlinks

Links below open in this box itself. This helps smartphone users to save large amounts of data. To start again click:

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High Quality Backlinks Bonanza Offer

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Reasons For FREE Backlinks Offer

Reason #1: I regularly post articles to my hundreds of blog accounts to improve Page Authority (PA). This increases the power of backlinks. Since I have only one website I cannot post the same URL link again and again. Google frowns upon such repetitive activity.

Reason #2: If I create FREE backlinks for you I am sure you will reciprocate the generosity and create backlinks for my website.

Reason #3: The way Ranksnap is functioning it can go bust any moment. In such uncertainty it not so wise to keep a lot of credits pending.

ranksnap backlinks generator exchange

Visitor Inputs Are Posted Here

Your views and suggestions can make this exchange a fruitful partnership. We welcome your ideas earnestly and will do our best to implement them. Valuable ideas and suggestions posted on Facebook Group comments will be posted here for the benefit of newer visitors. Editor.

Beware of huge bonuses offered by affiliate marketers. They just want to sell an item and make money. They don't even understand anything about the resource on offer. Tristan Roman, Finland.

Learning how to handle this tool is a very time consuming process and business owners should not fall in the trap of bonuses. Charlotte Harper, Honduras.

Learning how to handle this tool is a very time consuming process and business owners should not fall in the trap of bonuses. Emilio Anderson, Jamaica.

Offering free inbound signals to your blog page and help to use the product are the only valuable bonuses that you should rely upon. Abigail Madison, Macedonia.

The articles offered are used by so many people that duplicate content is always going to be an issue unless you use your own content. Dean Jake, Monaco.

Using webmasters to send your content to a wider audience through the RSS feeds option will always pay rich dividends. Luna Willow, Norway.

Launch time of a software tool will always give you the opportunity to buy at a lucrative price. Since this is a cloud based tool you will need a good internet connection. Edwin Julius, Oman.

You can spin articles and still create safe signals with your blog posts and this tool helps to reduce the time normally taken to do this type of work. Evelyn Chole, Palau.

The front end price may look a little expensive but considering the amount of credits you get this is not very expensive. Leon Tyson, Zambia.

This is button module software but you cannot create a good a post by just pressing an article button. You don't need to be a seo professional but a basic knowledge is essential to succeed with this tool. Grace Victoria, Sweden.

This is an all in one seo kind of thing that allows you to create not only pages but also social profiles. Tony Danton, Kuwait.

This is just not a inbound backlink software but has more to offer and more feature details are discussed in this article. Raiza Sheik, Saudi Arabia.

If you think you can put your local businesses on autopilot then you are in for a disappointment. This method is good for Youtube as well as for bookmarks though. Ignatius Sontorro, Denmark.

Local businesses trying to target a smaller audience can and do benefit from using Youtube videos. Rita D'souza, Nigeria.

There is nothing like autopilot but with the proper training this module can be put to good use and some gains are possible. Nigel De Kock, South Africa.

Instead of offering bonuses to clients we offer the correct training required to succeed with this tool. Jennifer Ferrao, Rhodes Island.

Building quality inbound signals or external signals will always enhance rankings in Yahoo and other index engines and whether you do it manually or using automation makes very little difference. Rex Peterson, Holland.

Ultimately getting more traffic by higher rankings is the aim of every seo exercise. Traffic is difficult to get especially the organic type. Loretta Angie, Australia.

A lot of marketing is done for the ranksnap 2 0 review to get more and more traffic. However the 2 0 version is quite old and newer versions have hit the market. The promoters are still marketing the old product and 2 0 version is still getting some traction. This ranksnap 2 0 review has been updated regularly to tell about the new versions as well. Shubert Davidson, Helsinki.

The process of citation building is a little confusing but if you are a professional building a good citation is a must and does a world of good. Personal profile and citation are more important for professionals in the field and other bloggers may not require them. The citation reflects in the ranking results now a days and attention has to be paid to it. Josphine Langer, South Africa.

This ranksnap review is the best and most honest by a person who has practical experience of handling it. Stay away from people that have written a ranksnap 2.0 review without any experience. Larry Dickson, Ireland.

This tool has very little to offer in terms of building signals on social media. Therefore everyone should try our suggestion and use the free platform and get as many social network signals as possible. Amanda Ginger, Nevada.

This month the process is focused on local business and how citation helps to get higher rank. Online marketing must give due importance to ranking features and if you are new you may be need help from our SEO services. Jason Mitchel, Paraguay.

This is a ranking solution aid and can help to get good local rankings without any technical experience. If you are working on a niche then also this will help but building a network of signals around your niche keywords is essential. Lorraine Nestle, France.

Doing away with need of captcha is fine but if you are not making any money from your websites then all the work is fruitless. Using captcha is a security feature used by websites to prevent use of automation tools. If the idea is to create syndicates using many a blog network then the content creator module will be of some help. Nelson Pilsner, Colombia.

Video embeds in syndicates is possible using this seo software. The citation builder can be put to good use by professionals. No more manual account creation is needed if you are using some advanced tools but if you get penalized then all the work will disappear in an instant. Patricia Williams, Scotland.

Syndicated content on web 2.0 sites has some value but nothing great is coming out of this exercise. Creating multi tier backlink strategies has shown nothing in terms of rank improvement or organic traffic. This backlink strategy builder offering backlinks in tons with auto captcha solver has not improved my search engine traffic even by one visitor. Thomas Harvey, Puerto Rico.

Gaurab Borah is just another human seo professional providing seo software support that is showing no positive results. Using seo skills to create a good human profile and local citation is enough instead of going for this cheap imitation. Marketing tools are used to get a front end purchase promising top notch web 2.0 sites but all this is just con man stuff. Pearn Hamshire, Britain.

This does not work with social media accounts and if you want to build safe links using social media networks use the free platform suggested on this page. You don't need any captcha breaker tool for this. There is no secure automation tool and maximum effectiveness is only possible by building manual signals. Robin Clinton, Texas.

Video rankings for profitable keywords is just a drip feed feature and online business owners should focus on creating a powerful video rather than wasting time with this cloud based version automation machine. Making day money with syndicates content is impossible and days money dream will always fall apart. Daisy Ramos, Italy.

The postal code of redundant servers with a single ip does not separate captcha for a 100 cloud based cheap digital machine. Whether ranksnap 3.0 is better than ranksnap 2.0 for your backlink process is dissected threadbare with the complete feature. Should you just stick to the free inbound links platform with social sites signal and also benefit from the affiliate link is a decision you need to make after reading the whole article. Robert Angler, Greece.

Inbound links from social sites bring in inorganic traffic and affiliate link can bring in the extra income. So post content and launch a seo campaign to get some traction with Google search results. Use the top notch web 2.0 sites and may be your post content and seo campaign will get you some visitors form Google search results. Lucy Phineas, Israel.

This software program may have some traffic potential and every ticket webinar says so but in reality the traffic potential is eluding everyone who is using this software program. The ticket webinar is a big farce and seller rights are a big joke on the buyer as both the webinar and the seller rights are useless to the customer. Shane Dickson, Ireland.

I have studied the complete feature of this program and found no benefits. The complete feature is not needed to start the backlink process and link building can be done in various ways. Get yourself trained on the backlink process before using this program. Shirley Monroe, Brazil.

Using this automation media one was supposed to get great results and multiply visitors but nothing has been happening in the last two years since the launch. Customer support is pathetic to say the least. The moment you raise a ticket your email is flooded with tons of new useless promotions to similar rubbish products. Isaiah Rawa, Egypt.

This program is being developed at the cost of the gullible buyers who get absolutely nothing in return except some worthless bonuses. The way things are right now it seems this program is going to bite the dust. Like always the name of the program will be changed and it will be launched again as some new innovation. Sonia Magdelene, Toronto.

Imagine after two years of the program in service not even one successful person to give a positive testimony. Some people who post about getting results are paid satraps of the promoters who will do anything for a few bucks. Joseph Auguiar, Costa Rica.

More people are being duped every day of their hard earned dollars falling prey to the promotions and tons of paid false reviews. All the people who are saying good things of this tool are just affiliate marketers who will promote anything to make a quick sale and land a good profit. Ivana Rabzoky, Russia.

Fifty percent margin is offered to affiliate marketers to sell this item and this in itself tells the story of this worthless automation program. Day in and day out more and more web 2.0 sites are penalizing this item and deleting all accounts on their platforms along with the posts and signals. Rafael Soares, France.

More than half the work I had put and the credits that I spent in opening accounts and building posts have been deleted. This will continue to happen to more and more web 2.0 sites once they detect the use of this automation program. Jenny Shrivers, Kentucky.

Instead of wasting your time at this worthless activity use the free source suggested above to get millions of social media signals and as many web 2.0 signals which will not be suddenly deleted. Ashley Murray, New Zealand.

The source suggested above works great across all social media to get unlimited likes, shares, subscribers, web signals and much more. The free tools are fantastic too to find keywords and rewrite articles plus a lot more seo features are on offer. Sandra Jaffery, Turkey.

Automation programs like this never last for long and it will be the same with this one two. However in the meantime the promoters are making loads of money duping simple and innocent folks. The thirty days money back offer is another way to con people as getting your money back is a greater headache then using the item. Rodney Samson, Philipines.

I have created hundreds of logins on bookmarking and status update sites using ranksnap. But as I have only one website, each login has just a couple of external signals. A login with just one or two postings does not look natural. Such logins are not appealing to search engines and will not get any rewards. However multiple signals from a single login add variety and looks natural. The text accompanied with the signals add to the content and increases PR (page rank). This will further increase power of signals in that login. The win win solution is as follows: If you post my link on your logins along with text provided by me I will post your link on my logins using the text provided by you. Please read the post for more information. There is a special offer for the first comment to this post using the 'catch word' mentioned in the post. Offer not available for pan India members. Sophia Isabella, Grenada.

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