Give boost to your page rank and search position exponentially. All articles, backlinks and website hits generated by us get positive rewards from Google and other search engines.


Essentials For High Google Rankings

There are tons of SEO factors considered by search engines but just 3 carry maximum weightage (around 90%) - Unique Content, Backlinks, and long duration Website Hits with click-through action within the site.

Backlinks are interpreted as a popular vote and thus a site with more backlinks is deemed to be popular. However the quality of backlinks matter.

No one will stay long on a page that is not interesting. This is the simple logic used by Google's latest algorithms in regards to session durations.

But there is a way to get around everything. Our services cover all three aspects. We write Google friendly articles, create high quality backlinks and deliver long duration website hits with click-through action.

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1. Backlinks Creators

Our team of backlinks creators posses absolute knowledge of all types of backlinks that are relevant to Google and other search engines. We will build backlinks on high authority and Google appealing web 2.0 blogging sites, bookmarking websites, status update websites, and major social media platforms. These are high rated backlinks which force positive traction from Google with higher search positions and page rankings. These high value backlinks will generate benefits for a lifetime. Continue reading to know the importance of these backlinks.

We offer high quality back links in three different plans. All back links are from Blog sites, Status Update sites, and Bookmarking sites. You will get:

PLAN A  - TIER 1 Backlinks - 25 back links pointing to your website directly. These are called TIER 1 links.

PLAN B  - TIER 2 Backlinks - 25 TIER 1 links will be pointing to your site directly. Another 25 links will be pointing to the TIER 1 links. These are called TIER 2 links. This method doubles the power of the back links.

PLAN C  - TIER 3 Backlinks - 25 TIER 1 links will be pointing to your site directly. 25 TIER 2 links will be pointing to the TIER 1 links. 25 TIER 3 links will be pointing to the TIER 2 links. This method increases the power of the back links exponentially.

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Prices Without Discount

Backlinks: Plan A: $60 - Plan B: $100 - Plan C: $200

Special Bonus: Upto 100 FREE Google friendly backlinks on first order.

Required: URL of your site and (optional) 5 or more keywords.

Delivery Time: within 15 days.

Proof: csv file of all tier 1 and tier 2 backlinks will be provided.

Payment: Via Paypal only (Paypal address will be provided).

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2. Article Writers

Our team of article writers posses mastery over all factors considered by Google and other search engines while evaluating posts for ranking and allotting search page positions. We write search engine suited articles that will give a great fillip to the whole website. These articles are meant to appease the search engines as well as to get great traction from the visitors. These articles will boost the chances of your prominent pages to get higher page rank and search position. All articles are above 500 words. Articles of above 1000 words can be provided by merging two articles. All articles carry Private Label Rights (PLR) license. (you can sell or reproduce any number of times)

Articles can be provided in four different ways:

Text Article

Article in text format with 1 keyword on your topic.

Text Article With 5 Keywords

Article in text format with 5 keywords appropriately placed in the texts.

Text Article With Keywords And HTML Codes

Article in text format with 5 keywords and HTML codes (heading and paragraph tags) ready to place directly on web page.

Article In Syntax Format

Article in syntax format that can be used to generate hundreds of unique articles.

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Prices Without Discount

Text Article: $10 each on any topic of your choice.

Text Article With Keywords: $30 each on any topic of your choice.

Text Article With Keywords & HTML: $40 each on any topic of your choice.

Text Article With Syntax: $60 each on any topic of your choice.

Required: 5 keywords.

Delivery Time: within 3 days.

Payment: Via Paypal only (Paypal address will be provided).

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buy website hits

3. Website Hits

Our network of associates spans over 20 countries making use of thousands of ip addresses and hundreds of proxy servers. Our network of associates will generate hits from relevant backlinks to your webpage from countries all over the world including US, Canada, UK, Europe, Russia, Australia and Asia. These hits are meant to increase the power of created backlinks exponentially and are found to be highly rewarded by Google and every other search engine. These are not short duration hits but ones that will record session timings of more than three minutes. This can also be combined with click-through actions within the site with higher session durations for a marginally extra cost.


Website Hits: $30 for 30 hits from your backlink to your website of 5 minutes duration each with one click-through within your website spread over a period of 30 days.

Delivery Time: within 35 days.

Proof: Sessions time records will reflect in your Google analytics.

Payment: Via Paypal only (Paypal address will be provided).

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Why Buy Articles From Us

We use our extensive knowledge on the functioning of search engines and write articles in a format that is appealing to their algorithms so as to qualify for the best page rank and top search position. Use of appropriate words and phrases does make a great difference in what will find approval or not.

Why Buy Backlinks Form Us

Our vast knowledge and research has proved which type of backlinks are best suited for a particular website. The search engine algorithms varies from topic to topic. What works wonderfully well for one niche may not do the trick for another niche. Our mastery over the subject is our infallible asset.

Why Buy Website Hits From Us

Many factors are essential for search engines to count a hit as valuable and influence the ranking pattern. The duration of hits is recorded by the search engine robots. Many hits coming from the same location with the same ip address are not considered worthy by search engines. On the other hand few hits from locations all over the world and from different ip addresses get a huge recognition and translates into higher rank and better search position on index pages.

Invest and Relax

To write just one article takes a huge amount of time. Buy articles from us at an affordable price and use your valuable time to create greater wealth. Creating backlinks is time consuming hard work. If not done in the proper manner can be a huge waste of time and money. Buy backlinks and channelize your time to do more important things. It is impossible to get website hits from different locations and different ip addresses on your own. Buy website hits from us at affordable rates and just reap the benefits.

List Of Topics For Articles

Besides the topics of your choice we can provide articles on the following topics. All articles are above 700 words and checked for grammar and plagiarism. Articles can be supplied with HTML heading and paragraph tags for an additional price as quoted above.

  1. Article Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Auto Repair
  4. Aging
  5. Allergies
  6. Acne
  7. Acid Reflux
  8. Acupuncture
  9. Astma
  10. Anxiety
  11. Arthritis
  12. Arts And Crafts
  13. Back Pain
  14. Beauty
  15. Baseball
  16. Basketball
  17. Blogging
  18. Car Shopping
  19. Carpet Cleaning
  20. Camping
  21. Cats
  22. Cancer
  23. Cell Phones
  24. Cellulite
  25. Chiropractic Care
  26. Cosmetic Surgery
  27. Coffee
  28. Cooking
  29. Credit Repair
  30. Credit Cards
  31. Coupons
  32. College
  33. Desktop Computers
  34. Dogs
  35. Dog Training
  36. Dental Care
  37. Depression
  38. Diabetes
  39. Debt Consolidation
  40. Eczema
  41. Employment
  42. Email Marketing
  43. Eye Care
  44. Fashion
  45. Fishing
  46. Fitness
  47. Football
  48. Furniture
  49. Facebook Marketing
  50. Forex
  51. Gardening
  52. Golf
  53. Gold
  54. Green Energy
  55. Hair Care
  56. Hair Loss
  57. Hemorrhoids
  58. Hobbies
  59. Home Improvement
  60. Home Business
  61. Homeschooling
  62. Home Mortgages
  63. Home Security
  64. Hotels
  65. HVAC
  66. Insomnia
  67. Insurance - Auto
  68. Insurance - General
  69. Insurance - Health
  70. Insurance - Home Owner's
  71. Insurance - Life
  72. Interior Design
  73. Ipad
  74. Iphone
  75. Investing
  76. Internet Marketing
  77. Jewelry
  78. Juicing
  79. Landscaping
  80. Laptops
  81. Lawyers
  82. Learn Guitar
  83. Lead Generation
  84. Leadership
  85. Locksmiths
  86. Massage
  87. Memory
  88. Muscle Building
  89. Make Money Online
  90. Mobile Marketing
  91. Music Downloads
  92. Multi-level Marketing
  93. Network Marketing
  94. Nutrition
  95. Online Shopping
  96. Organic Gardening
  97. Panic Attacks
  98. Parenting
  99. Payday Loans
  100. Personal Bankruptcy
  101. Personal Development
  102. Personal Finance
  103. Personal Injury
  104. Pest Control
  105. Photography
  106. Plumbing
  107. Pregnancy
  108. Public Speaking
  109. Quit Smoking
  110. Real Estate Investing
  111. Real Estate - Buying
  112. Real Estate - Selling
  113. Real Estate - Commercial
  114. Retirement
  115. Reputation Management
  116. Roofing
  117. Search Engine Optimization
  118. Shoes
  119. Skin Care
  120. Sleep Apnea
  121. Snoring
  122. Soccer
  123. Social Media Marketing
  124. Solar Energy
  125. Stress
  126. Student Loans
  127. Stock Market
  128. Teeth Whitening
  129. Time Management
  130. Tinnitus
  131. Toys
  132. Travel
  133. Video Games
  134. Video Marketing
  135. Vitamins And Minerals
  136. Web Design
  137. Web Hosting
  138. Weddings
  139. Weight Loss
  140. Wordpress
  141. Woodworking
  142. Wine
  143. Yeast Infection

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