This MISSION has been launched with the threefold aim of promoting free education, free clean entertainment and charitable works.

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Our Mission

This project has been launched by a group of social entrepreneurs with the threefold aim of promoting free education, free clean entertainment and charity. The internet offers immense opportunities in education for everyone. However everyone does not have the financial means to avail of these opportunities.

The first aim behind starting this portal is to make all types of education available to everyone without any fees. The second aim is to provide free clean entertainment that is suitable for kids and families. The third aim is to promote awareness of charitable institutions and their needs and encourage our visitors to join them.

We want everyone to benefit from the vast opportunities that the internet has to offer in terms of education and earning possibilities. This opportunity sadly is not in the access of majority of the population of the world. Those who have access are reaping the benefits disproportionately.

We want to create a balance so that everyone has an equal opportunity. There are millions who are ready to work hard and sincerely to get access to better ways of life. We cannot silently continue in denial of such a disproportion.

Our Educational Projects

1. Blog Training

Our experienced and highly skilled training team has prepared complete set of tutorials along with video inputs to give the best training on blogging. From how to select a niche to everything that is essential to make a blog successful is taken care of fully. Information is provided on all kinds of tools that help in getting out the best output. All our references are reliable, tried and tested for practical success.
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2. SEO Training

Our SEO experts have prepared extensive tutorials imparting the best SEO training to all aspiring to launch their own websites or work in the field of search engine optimization. The SEO experts are highly qualified and posses vast experience in the field of optimisation. After completing the SEO training one can even work as freelance SEO coach. For those who are seeking a personal SEO coach we have something coming up in the near future.
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3. Hydroponics Gardening Training

All technical and practical inputs that are required to start a successful hydroponics garden as a hobby or as a commercial venture are provided FREE on this site. These inputs are useful for beginners as well as for those who are experienced. We also research the best and most affordable equipments and materials and provide the information to our visitors along with online references.
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4. Bible Teaching

Vast inputs on how to study the Bible and how to apply it in every situation in daily life are provided in the form of lessons and video presentations. The requirements of beginners as well as those who posses advanced knowledge are taken care of in an organized manner. The training is not just to learn but also to be good teachers and promoters of the good news.
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Our Entertainment Resources

Selective collection is done of the best entertainment resources so that the whole family can enjoy time together. Good life messages are delivered by making use of jokes, funny pictures and comedy videos. Quality entertainment with a positive message is our goal.
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Our Community Interaction

We share with out massive followers on social media groups valuable information on education and also keep them entertained with clean and modest fun resources. Discussions are encouraged on various topics which helps us to provide more information on our site on the relevant topics which internet users are looking for.

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Founder Member

J. S. N. is an Engineer, SEO Expert, Businessman, and Bible Teacher with vast knowledge and experience in all the mentioned fields. With technical qualification, business experience, and a charitable inclination has lots to offer.

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