Blogger Is The Best Free Blogging Platform

Among all the free blogging platforms Blogger is the best for beginners. Besides being a Google product it is the easiest to use as it offers various options that other platforms do not. It is easy to get Adsense approval. In addition you can display your own or other third party advertisements. You can place any number of affiliate links. For those interested in building backlinks network blogger allows 'dofollow' outbound links. You can easily insert visuals form Google images or YouTube videos. Besides you can upload and store images and videos on blogger itself. More benefits of using this free platform are discussed later.

To start you need to have a gmail account. It is recommended not to use your personal gmail address but create a new one only for your blogging activity.

Creating Blog On Blogger

Step 1: Starting With Blogger

Click on blogger.com and this visual will be displayed.

start blog on blogger

Click on CREATE YOUR BLOG. The following visual box will be displayed.

Step 2: Title

The title is the name of your blog that will appear on top of the page. This can be edited or changed any number of times.

start blog on blogger

Insert appropriate title and click NEXT.

start blog on blogger

Step 3: Blog Address Or URL

The blog URL or address is unique and is given to only one blog and cannot be ever changed. You can choose a general phrase or if you want to focus on only one subject then you can choose niche specific name. If the phrase of your choice is not available try out different variations. Although you can use numbers and underscore it is recommended not to use them but just stick to words or words with dashes. You can simply use globalblogsdirectory or global-blogs-directory or globalblogsdirectory123 or global-blogs-directory-4792 or global58934 or globalblogs7329 etc.

start blog on blogger

Insert your choice address and click NEXT.

start blog on blogger

Step 4: Display Name

The display name is the name of the promoter of the blog and will be visible to the visitor. You can use your real name or just any name.

start blog on blogger

Insert your choice display name and click FINISH.

start blog on blogger

Step 5: Dashboard Options

You will be directed to the dashboard which is the workplace. From here you can create and publish your posts, edit them, change the settings as per your requirements etc. Spend some time here and take a look at the various options. In the beginning it may look overwhelming but you will get used to it pretty fast. You may need to change some settings but it can be done later on. Right now lets create the first blog post.

start blog on blogger

Step 6: Creating First Post

Click on NEW POST and you will be taken to the following visual. The POST TITLE is very important as it will become the post URL or post address which cannot be changed once the post is published. Later editing will reflect in the post title but the post URL or post address will remain the same. It is recommended to first create a post title keeping in mind the post URL and after publishing you can edit the post title to your desired requirements. Try to build your post title around the main keyword right from the beginning. To know what is keyword read the most on search engine optimization.

start blog on blogger

Your post will look like the visual below. This is just a sample of a short description. A simple post should be at least 300 words minimum. A post around 1000 words is the ideal recommendation. Longer the better as long as you can keep the reader engrossed.

start blog on blogger

Next you can PREVIEW the post to see how it will look like and if your are satisfied click PUBLISH

start blog on blogger

You will be taken back to the dashboard. If you hover on the post a display will appear with various icon options like view, delete, etc. Click on the EYE option to view the post.

start blog on blogger

Step 7: Enjoy Your First Post

WOW!!! Your first post is on display. Do note how the post title is reflected in the post URL or post address in the browser bar. Time to savor your achievement with a coffee break and let the thrill shrink in. Finally you are a blogger.

start blog on blogger

Time to share your first blog. Click the share icon on the top right corner of the displayed post. Let the whole world know. Use all the social media platforms.

Advantages of Using Blogger

It is a Google product!
Google controls 98% of all internet traffic!
Adsense is the best advertising network!
Easy Adsense approval!
Get indexed on Google search pages within 24 hours!
Most internet users use Google Search to find content!
Always FREE to use!
Easy to use without any prior blogging knowledge!
Allows third-party ads!
Allows affiliate links inside posts!
Youtube belongs to Google!
Easy to place Youtube videos inside posts!
Allows images, photos, and pictures uploads!
Allows video uploads!
Allows comments moderation!
Allows email notifications!
Allows share buttons!
Allows HTML, CSS, Javascript alterations!
Allows 'dofollow' links inside posts!
Allows use of IFRAMES!
Allows URL redirect!

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How to start a blog on blogger: Start blogging with a blog on this new version and you will find this is much easier then starting a blog on Wordpress. This platform offers all the options that you can think of while blogging. You can choose a gadget from the loads of options available and the share button is already placed for your convenience at the top. Raiza Sheik, Saudi Arabia.

How to create a blogger blog: Blogspot is a free blogging platform and you need not worry about hosting costs. This guide covers every topic on the new updates and you will find answer to every question. The comprehensiveness of this guide is unbelievable and the audience is provided with accuracy using visuals. Ignatius Sontorro, Denmark.

Creating a blog using blogger.com: Right from admin dashboard all functionality if explained in very clear form. The reasons given to choose this site over Tumblr or Wordpress are very interesting. This blogging journey covers everything from basics to most advanced features. Rita D'souza, Nigeria.

How to start a blog using blogger: This platform is great for a personal blog as well as for third party advertising. It allows a team of editors to work on the same blog. It includes many popular gadgets and the editorial staff can work on it in various ways. Nigel De Kock, South Africa.

How to create a blog with blogger.com: Whether you want to promote your hobby or your idea is money making does not matter as starting with one can lead to the other. The terms of service of Blogspot Com are very simple and monetizing the work is easier. If you do well you can later think about your self hosted blog. Jennifer Ferrao, Rhodes Island.

Why you should start your blog on blogger: This platform has a typical text editor which is very user friendly. The advanced editing menu is also very user friendly. Then you have the compose mode dealing with the chedule tab and the permalink tab. Unlike the Wp admin this allows the yellow box and the jump break as well. Rex Peterson, Holland.

How to create a free blog on blogspot: This is better suited for personal work then Google docs. The blog title appears in the left corner of the dashboard and this is helpful when you have created many sites. Looking down from the top left of the dashboard are listed all the major options offering cool functionality to the user. Loretta Angie, Australia.

Starting a blog on blogger: The post field offers all editing from title to minor heading. The blog template can be changed any number of times. You can have different color of links for especially for hover and visited mode. Custom gadget in HTML is available adding to the delight of the designer. Shubert Davidson, Helsinki.

How to start a blog on blogger: A blog owner who provides quality content to the blog readers on the entire blog and keeps maintaining the quality standards throughout will eventually succeed in this venture. The search bar and reader comments are additional options that can be offered to the visitors to improve user engagement. Josphine Langer, South Africa.

How to create a blogger blog: If you do not like the default template it can be changed any time and all other post settings have similar functionality. Add variety to your blog and write something at least once a month. If you can pen your opinion more than once a month it will be great for success. Larry Dickson, Ireland.

Creating a blog using blogger.com: The new version of this site is fantastic and I prefer blogging here then on Wordpress. The new version has made things much easier and the new look is refreshing too. The older version was not bad at all however the new version makes things more users friendly and this is helpful to beginners. Amanda Ginger, Nevada.

How to start a blog using blogger: A newbie building a blog on blogger must remember the basics of blogging and this site offers loads of information on the subject. If you want to be a successful blogger read the articles on this subject that this site offers. A beginner can make a blog on blogger that is just mundane or turn a blog into something great by following the tips and tricks offered by the experienced bloggers. Jason Mitchel, Paraguay.

How to create a blog with blogger.com: Many people talk about Wordpres but I have found it a bit complicated for beginners and this version is much better. This version has all the functionality of the old one and there are not many changes in the options offered other then the ease of use. Lorraine Nestle, France.

Why you should start your blog on blogger: Select a nice color to your site but keep the post background to white to start with. Keep the default theme in the beginning. You don't need to change the custom layout when you are starting and this can be done later on if necessary. Nelson Pilsner, Colombia.

How to create a free blog on blogspot: You can start an online journal using this site and get a target audience to reach out to with your ideas. All the functions to start a good online journal are easy to use and you will surely reach your target audience over a period of time. Patricia Williams, Scotland.

Starting a blog on blogger: The video tutorial is an optional step as the text tutorial is simple and easy to grasp especially for the newbie. If you use the optional step and watch the video tutorial it will definitely increase your capacity and make you better. You do not need a premium plan or self hosting to start with this site. Thomas Harvey, Puerto Rico.

If you want niche authority then you can think of self hosting and buy a premium plan but this can be done later. If you create a niche authority on your free blog it can be used later as a support for your own hosted website. Pearn Hamshire, Britain.

The color scheme goes a long way on user experience and the right color scheme can also lead to greater user engagement as colors are appealing to people of all walks of life. Robin Clinton, Texas.

Even though Wordpress and Wikihow are two well known free sites I still prefer blogspot because of the many benefits lined in this article. Wordpress is good for experienced guys and so also is Wikihow. And the new version makes things more in favor of this digital product. Daisy Ramos, Italy.

The paid version of Wordpress is believed to be much better and I don't know whether it is the same with Wikihow. Somebody can enlighten me on this. There are many folks who are doing well both on Wordpress and Wikihow but I have not found too many testimonies about this digital product. Robert Angler, Greece.

You get more gadgets with the paid version of Wordpress and probably with Wikihow. It is possible to get a paid domain name on either of these digital products. The working window is wide and choosing a header is easy. Lucy Phineas, Israel.

To get a good free theme on Wordpress is difficult but you can get a wider choice on both paid versions of Wordpress and Wikihow. The layout is simple on all three cases. Multiple plugins are available on all the site building softwares. Shane Dickson, Ireland.

It is good to pen a good profile and give more information of experience in the field and sharing more goes well with the visitor response. Sharing a profile gives a personal touch that is always appealing to the visitor. Shirley Monroe, Brazil.

All things are important to promote and give good user experience like design, description, headers, etc, and more the variety more are the reasons for success. The blog description is very important as it appears on search results and helps the visitor to make a decision. Isaiah Rawa, Egypt.

Wordpress and Wikihow also offer a separate functionality to create a good description. So all in the entire new version is more versatile and adds more to user experience and ease. Sonia Magdelene, Toronto.

A simple comparison between this product and Wordpress or Wikihow makes it easier to understand the many advantages which are also tabulated in the above said article. Some people prefer Wordpress while others give thumbs up to Wikihow however this latest version is still my first choice. Joseph Auguiar, Costa Rica.

The latest version definitely is better than Wordpress or Wikihow and I expect its popularity to increase in the coming years. However Wordpress and Wikihow will not lose any demand as there are too many customers for this type of online softwares. Ivana Rabzoky, Russia.

So a good gadget on Wikihow is as good on the other two online builders and getting a domain on anyone is equally easy but the cost may differ a bit. So select the one that suits you and start creating content that will blow your audience and your blog post will sure make waves in the internet world. Rafael Soares, France.

Whatever the version it is your content that will make you successful at this endeavor. Use a lot of images and if you cannot create them you can use screenshots to start with. Sometimes a screenshot is better than images or videos. Jenny Shrivers, Kentucky.