BLOGGING - Best Ideas, Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Common Mistakes

Compilation of best blogging ideas, tips, tricks, techniques and common mistakes from the most successful and highly experienced bloggers from around the whole internet world. Learn what it takes to make popular blogs, successful blogs and profitable blogs.

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How To Start a Blog in 2021 And Make Money Blogging?

Nice and easy to follow simple but interesting guide for beginners that will help you to learn the art of making a blog step by step. In this guide you will learn how to start a blog by choosing the best blogging platform. The most import thing is to learn to avoid the basic and common blogging mistakes made by newbies and to be a winner from the start.

How To Start A Free Blog And Make Money?

Just follow these easy step by step highly reliable instructions to start a blog. This beginner's guide will give a solid start and take you from the basics of blogging and lead you towards becoming a knowledgeable blogger in no time.

How to Start a Blog And Make Money Online?

This is the ultimate blogging guide you will ever find. You can learn how to start a blog and make money in such a simple manner with this free and superbly easy guide for beginners. Take some time and let this tutorial walk you through six easy steps. Starting from picking your blog's name you can proceed to get your blog online with free or paid web hosting.

How To Get Started Blogging For Money?

Down to earth easy guide that will aid you make awesome profits in the long run. Learn the secrets of how to start a blog and turn it into a profitable business activity. This detailed multi-step guide will astonish you and teach you how to make money blogging in the shortest possible period.

How to Start a WordPress Blog? Blogging For Money

Easiest guide that trains the modern web user to create a blog on his own. Your search to find the best way to start a WordPress blog is over. Here's a reliable and trustworthy step by step latest guide on how to start a WordPress blog for everyone and no technical knowledge of any sought is required.

How to Start a Blog That Makes Money?

In this amazing guide lessons learned by experienced bloggers are shared to help you not to make the same mistakes. You will learn in a simplified form how to start a blog that makes money and this valuable information is valid for eternity. The charm of this guide is the ease with which you can follow and this is especially created for beginners who have very little knowledge of blogging.

How To Make Money Blogging?

Stop looking for free blog sites from now on. If you had issues related to the choice of what platform to start with for your blog. After checking out these free blogging sites you will find everything you were hoping for. Decide which is the best from this list of best free blogging sites in the recent times.

How to Start a Blog to Make Money?

This free for all and easy to understand beginner's guide is just what you required. Preparing this masterpiece after 15 years of blogging experience just offers the best in the business. This free and simple guide for beginners will surely show you how to start not only the most popular type of blog but also one that is profitable.

How To Start A Blog For Money?

This fantastic step-by-step beginner's guide teaches everything you wanted to know about blogging right from scratch in the shortest time possible.

How Do I Start a Blog And Make Money?

Most innovative and interesting step by step guide especially for writers. This is just the guide for all those who are wondering how do I start a blog. This guide breaks down everything into easy to grasp and understand steps that a newbie will be delighted. The steps are followed up by some awesome examples that are appealing and practical.

How To Start Your Own Blog And Make Money?

This guide shows in a step by step novel way the right method to start a blog and move forward towards building a great audience. The data provided here is updated every now and then and recent developments are incorporated for the information of the reader.

Starting a Blog That Makes Money

The best way to get a large audience and make profit is to start a blog that makes money. This superb tutorial cum guide teaches you things you will wish you had known earlier. The startling revelations will blow you up.

Create a Free WordPress.com Blog And Make Money From Blogging

Know for free what it takes to start a blog with WordPress.com. Through this guide learn to share your ideas with the world. Learn about every feature that is offered to you to make a great blog that entices your audience that they come again and again. Simply create your own blog for free using tips and tricks compiled from the most successful and experienced bloggers.

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Common Blogging Mistakes
Popular Successful Profitable Blogs

The best content for beginners must be on topics that are very popular on the internet. Try to choose evergreen content so that you don't have to make updates later on. Start with your favorite subject as your blogging niche and stick to your unique style of writing and don't imitate others. Patricia Williams, Scotland.

Topics that are general in nature will be the best content for beginners. Evergreen content is writing about what people do day in and day out. Let your pre launch content be something you can learn more about for yourself. Thomas Harvey, Puerto Rico.

Once you have written sufficient posts then you can go in for limited monetization using Google ads. Set up a process to do regular things like keeping track of the monthly searches on Google analytics. Pearn Hamshire, Britain.

Selecting twin word ideas is an art you have to develop if you want to make money online. The biggest blogs are making thousands of dollars but this is because they get large amount of monthly searches. Robin Clinton, Texas.

Twin word ideas will produce rich content and although it may not make much difference to the blog readers it does make difference to target the monthly searches. Read all the extra tips in the guide on the subject. Daisy Ramos, Italy.

Use the extra tips to make blog readers more interested in your content. Use Youtube channel to upload some videos and link them back to your guest blog. Good menu navigation helps blog readers to spend more time on your site. Robert Angler, Greece.

Find at least one high volume keyword and track your progress using Google search console. Try out some link building strategies by using high volume keyword as the anchor text. Lucy Phineas, Israel.

The only way to get organic traffic from a high volume keyword is to embark on link building strategies that are suggested in the guide. The search demand is ever growing with more and more people getting access to the internet. Shane Dickson, Ireland.

There are some must have pages on the blog where you need to give some personal info to create the feel good experience. A guest blog that links to Facebook groups will definitely get more visitors from the social media. Shirley Monroe, Brazil.

Be profitable online by exploring the affiliate marketing potential while you gradually develop your own personal brand as well. Another thing on the must have pages is providing a personal contact. Provide social share buttons to allow users to make your blog post popular. Isaiah Rawa, Egypt.

Enhance the type of content and topic ideas with some attractive images to improve user experience. Use appropriate font size and make use of colors also. A successful blogger neither ignores video tutorials nor long tail keywords. Raiza Sheik, Saudi Arabia.

Thousands of people are doing well in blogging without using self hosted blog platforms. If you are working part time then you should be happy with medium volume from the organic search in the beginning. Ignatius Sontorro, Denmark.

Don't ignore any marketing tool in your blogging journey and use everything from search engine optimization to Google Adsense. Follow the detailed instructions in the articles written by successful blog experts. Rita D'souza, Nigeria.

Try the best keyword research tool suggested by us and dish out quality content. The quality content will always have at least one main keyword around which the content frame is built by inserting long tail keywords also. Nigel De Kock, South Africa.

Use the recommended blogging platform to create your blog post and use the others to build guest post network and follow a content strategy of linking the posts so as to create inbound links. Jennifer Ferrao, Rhodes Island.

A profitable blog will always keep in mind the requirement of search engines while writing blog content and a good keyword research is the starting point. Without proper keyword research you can never structure blog content to please the search engines. Rex Peterson, Holland.

Content strategy starts with the choice of a blog topic and to target a large audience the blog post must do everything step by step. There are many affiliate programs that offer an affiliate link and using these you can have a profitable blog. Loretta Angie, Australia.

Working full time on your personal blog will eventually give you a profitable blog. Make a personal blog on a blog niche that is related to you in some way. This will keep you engrossed in your personal blog full time and help you follow a content strategy to make a profitable blog. Shubert Davidson, Helsinki.

Popular blog content may land you are successful blog with a large audience but if there is no proper monetization it will not be a profitable blog. However without a diligent keyword research neither will you have a popular blog nor a profitable blog. Josphine Langer, South Africa.

Search engines love a new topic and it should be a conscious content strategy to do things out of the box. Google analytics will give fair ideas how your blog niche is doing and help you further in your content management. Larry Dickson, Ireland.

Learn from content marketers which blog theme gives better user experience. Beginners tend to ignore content management and sometimes choose a blog theme arbitrarily. A popular blog niche will also help to get into affiliate programs as the target audience is large. Amanda Ginger, Nevada.

The primary aim of a blog post should be to focus on people and the starting point should be the audience. Before you launch your blog post check if everything is as per the content strategy. Jason Mitchel, Paraguay.

Wordpress offers many Wordpress plugins and you will find them on the Wordpress dashboard. Recently it is observed the blog post on Google sites is doing quite well. People love fresh content and so do the search engines. Make a blog post that will keep the reader engrossed. Guest post on other sites to target the audience that visits those sites. Lorraine Nestle, France.

Building guest post content strategy pays in the long run handsomely. Use every blogging platform to guest post and rich out to the reader with a new article as often as possible. Nelson Pilsner, Colombia.