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Humongous collection of all types of humor in the form of funny jokes, funny pictures, and funny videos suitable for universal viewing and offers complete family entertainment. The whole package of humor is packed in this amazing page along with some of the best funny quotes.

Keeping in mind the growing demand from viewers a special section has been dedicated to funny jokes in other languages which nowadays draws a sizable chunk of visitors. The vintage jokes have always been popular among all types of ages. These are liked by varying groups from kids to senior citizens and they are expected to be the same for times to come.

Great efforts are being taken by our team members to ensure that the collection of funny pictures and funny videos is always fresh and new to the viewers who regularly visit our website. There is something for every location and thus the other language jokes are given due importance and quite some weight.

Any presentation would be incomplete if not especially catering to the content required by kids and ours is not lagging in this area. Thus making person or object related funny jokes a necessity for this category of visitors.

The hot and titillating content however much desired by a major part of the adult populace is avoided as this is a place for family entertainment. However, to add to the glamour the gender-related jokes are included as they find a large viewership among all ages.

With the most humorous content related to ethnicity, a dose of nationality-related content is added with a lot of censorship. These may sometime tend to be a bit stupid if not silly. If you want to tell a joke at a party or gathering then this is the top place to find the content of your choice.

The latest addition of funny quotes has made this page more versatile and has given something more to the regular visitor and more is surely coming to interest the viewers.

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Humor Collection

This site is dedicated to providing clean entertainment in the form of funny jokes, funny pictures, and funny videos. All humor is suitable for people of all ages and can be shared with family and friends at all types of parties and functions. This immense collection of top quality hilarious material is made available to you absolutely free of charge.

You can make this project successful by visiting us regularly and sharing our site on various social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and others. You can also submit some funny experiences you had which might cheer others.

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Types Of Funny Jokes

Jokes can be classified into hundreds of categories as there is humor on every word that is spoken by people. Jokes may be related to things, places, animals, humans etc. Jokes can be used just to create humor as well as to discriminate and insult people. Quite a lot of funny jokes circulated on the web are sexually explicit and not fit for all age groups. We do the evaluation of all types of humorous material and place before you only that what fits within decent limits.

Do enjoy your visit to our site and any feedback from you to better this site is fully appreciated as we are here to give the best in clean entertainment for everyone no matter what the age.

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Effects Of Humor

Research has proved time and again that time spent in healthy humorous environment generates positive chemicals within the human body that is good for the health of the body. Humor well directed creates a good atmosphere to have fun and enjoy time with loved ones especially family and friends. A lot of humor in your life will keep the doctors and medicines away from you. Good funny jokes lighten up the situation and raise the spirits of everybody around.

To bring cheer in the life of people is one of our main mission and we do this in many other ways. Humor appeals to everyone and does make one forget about stressful situations.

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Have A Great Time

There is vasts amount of funny material on this website that is updated regularly so that you may have a fun filled stress relieving fulfilling time. Share these funny jokes, pictures, and videos with your friends on social media and lighten up the burden of someone and bring a smile on their faces. This is yet another great way to spread the cheer and make others happy. How nice it feels when there is a lot of laughter and joy around. Be an agent who brings happiness, excitement and thereby good health to those around you.

Your active participation in this project to make people happy is a great encouragement for us to keep going on. Drop a line and tell us how you feel about this whole place.

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Funny Quotes Are Popular

This is the most sought-after place for humorous funny quotes, pictures, and videos on the entire planet. The funny material on varied subjects is a real treat and those on specific topic jokes make excellent humor. This goes along with appropriate content on jokes that are selected from the best by a reputed and knowledgeable panel of editors.

Besides the whole collection of rare jokes is very new and unique as here again the measure of quality and standards are of the highest caliber. The section on other types of relevant jokes is equally good with numerous topics to choose from. One cannot surely neglect many of the most widely appreciated long trending humor of all time.


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