Know the exact meaning of hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics along with the benefits and disadvantages of each and choose the best system that suits your needs.


Hydroponics vs Aquaponics vs Aeroponics

All three are techniques of growing different species of plants without making the use of ground soil. The roots of plants are semi dipped in water containing the plant nutrients or just exposed to the atmosphere or air and watered using sprays of mist. All three techniques of growing plants require containers or horizontal or vertical channels to hold the plants and also to feed the plant nutrients. In most cases plastic cups called netpots filled with some inert medium are used to hold the plants in a steady position.

Each technique has its advantages and drawbacks and it is up to the discretion of the grower to choose the method that suits his purpose the best. A researched and practical comparison is made here and all the major factors have been covered to help you make an informed decision.


This is the basic technique of this type of plant cultivation and involves a simple process of growing plants by keeping their roots semi dipped in a water solution that contains all the nutrients required by the plants. A basic hydroponics DIY project can be carried out on an experimental basis by just using some plastic bottles and cups filled with coco peat. This may not give high yield but is a good learning experience and it can be done without spending any money.

A better hydroponics system can be built using some containers. A still better system includes the use of plastic channels or pipes. Other materials that are required are a reservoir tank, some flexible pipes, cups or netpots, some kind of inert grow medium like coconut choir or pebbles or coco peat etc., a submersible water pump, a simple timer and optionally a small air pump. If you love the activity you can always proceed by investing some more money and buy a ready made system.

The most widely used systems and materials recommended by satisfactory users are displayed on this page which you can buy from the online store. There are number of hydroponic systems which are discussed in complete detail in the post types of hydroponic systems and you are advised to read the same.


In this method of hydroponics technique the plants are grown using vertical channels. The vertical channels called towers are designed to hold the plastic cups or netpots filled with the inert medium and which will keep the plants steady. The roots of the plants are not dipped in any water solution but are completely exposed to the atmosphere or air inside the towers or vertical channels.

The nutrient solution reservoir forms the base and holds the tower in a steady position. Water is pumped from the water solution tank periodically using a submersible pump and sprayed on the roots from the top of the tower in the form of fine mist. The intervals of spraying the rich nutrient solution are controlled by using a simple timer.

This technique felicitates growing around ten times more plants in a given area and thus space saving reduces the cost of food production. The requirement of uninterrupted electricity supply makes it necessary to invest in power backup equipment. However depending on the needs and restrictions faced by the grower and the space saving factor this type of plant growing is still sustainable.


To make the hydroponics grow system more economical it can be amalgamated with the activity of fish farming or in some rare cases with other animals farming. This combined activity or method is called aquaponics. The waste generated by the fish is good fertilizer for the plants. However this fish waste is in the form of chemical compounds that cannot be absorbed by the plants. Therefore the chemical compounds have to be broken down into mineral forms that plants can absorb. This is done by using special equipment and the process is called nitrification.

The processed water forming the rich nutrient solution is fed to the roots of plants and the high energy on the plant roots gives faster growth and higher yields. As the nutrients in the water solution are absorbed by the plant roots the water gets purified which in turn is fed back to the fish tank. So the waste of the first system becomes the energy of the second system and the dilution of the latter system becomes a clean solution for the former.

This is a very environmentally friendly way of farming that reduces costs and increases sustainability.

Benefits Of Quality Materials

The use of quality materials and instruments goes a long way in making hydroponic cultivation of plants a pleasurable experience. Beginning with bad materials and poor quality instruments has been the bane of majority of the enthusiastic growers. Poor plant growth or stunted growth or pest infection due to lack of correct monitoring of the parameters has been the most common reason. And all this started with the use of poor quality materials and instruments that misled by giving inaccurate readings.

The life of cheaper materials is short and the cheaper instruments do not last long. Experimenting with cheaper things in the beginning always ends up spending more than the cost of the costlier but quality equipments. This page provides information on the best and most affordable items required to start a hydroponic garden and the selection is based on price as well as recommendations from satisfied users.

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Buy Hydroponics Equipment In India

If you want to go for indoor garden select a light panel that not only promises a lot of light but the right light spectrum. A planting cup known as netpot is a must in most of the systems. Raiza Sheik, Saudi Arabia.

Method of hydroponics for varied species of plants must be selected. There is no limit to the species of plants that can be grown as the topic of soil conditions is not relevant. Ignatius Sontorro, Denmark.

The easiest way of hydroponics does not require continuous supply of electricity nor an associated timer and no indoor grow lights either. You can begin your hydroponic kitchen garden in a little sunny spot in the backyard or balcony. Rita D'souza, Nigeria.

The nutrients concentration has to be changed during the various growth stages and the pH has to be managed at the sweet spot of around 6.2 values. Direct tap water comes with chlorine bleach and must be avoided. Nigel De Kock, South Africa.

Various types of terrestrial plants can be grown using the normal form of hydroponics resulting in land saving and lesser water wastage. Jennifer Ferrao, Rhodes Island.

This is the best opportunity to begin social enterprise whether using aeroponic techniques or simple hydroponics to achieve growth that is bigger than in standard farming. Rex Peterson, Holland.

The organic material cannot be used as efficiently as in usual farming to accomplish chemicals upon root either in the seed pantry or in the next hydroponic growth stages. Loretta Angie, Australia.

Things like sewn plugs, coconut coir, grow tub, metal container, organic material etc. are all easily reached upon online stores. Shubert Davidson, Helsinki.

So water culture hydroponics whether using organic material or not is the progressive way of crops production and soil conditions no longer matter. Josphine Langer, South Africa.

A grow tub is always superior to metal containers as rust inconvenience is not an issue. Tap water can have an effect on the tone of the liquid nutrients thereby reducing vibrancy upon root resulting in lesser hydroponic growth that is not desirable. Larry Dickson, Ireland.

The advanced nutrients give good results in an inert medium in the same way as sewn plugs or coconut coir. A submersible pump may not be required for the seed pantry but is critical for the hydroponic growth at the later stages for enlarged supply of minerals upon root for faster growth. Amanda Ginger, Nevada.

To the question on what is aeroponics one would do well to suggest that it is more a reflection of the hanging gardens where sapling roots are exposed to breathing and watering is taken care of by spraying. Jason Mitchel, Paraguay.

More focus is nevertheless required upon the use of organic fertilizers starting from seed pantry germination and over whole of the hydroponic life grow cycle. Lorraine Nestle, France.

The disadvantages of hydroponics out do all arguments and this is the way to outdoor or indoor cultivation in the future. Nelson Pilsner, Colombia.

The correct aquaponics definition is growing terrestrial plants using a perfect technology where plant roots are somewhat kept in water all the all along and no soil is used as in conventional soil farming. Patricia Williams, Scotland.

Listed on this guide are important and minor hydroponics benefits which cannot be ignored in this epoch of food shortage. Thomas Harvey, Puerto Rico.

The exorbitant venturing cost of the deep water culture system is compensated by the quicker grow cycle and the use of organic fertilizers is also an extra advantage. Pearn Hamshire, Britain.

In recent times the hydroponic gardening in India has been going on steadily as more and more people are getting tempted by its outputs. Robin Clinton, Texas.

Although the deep water culture is more difficult the grow cycle increase makes this type of grow method profitable. Daisy Ramos, Italy.

The use of organic fertilizers can start right from the seed pantry. The debate upon hydroponic system alongside aquaponics will go on but both are fine ideas and both are profitable for the cultivators. The hydroponic growing method results in desired grow cycle benefits right from the seed panty stage. Robert Angler, Greece.

Varied questions related to the hydroponic system and how it works is satisfactorily investigated in this detailed discourse and supplementary inputs are provided frequently. Lucy Phineas, Israel.

A fine seed pantry is necessary to provide a robust start to the grow cycle. From types of hydroponics to the benefits of hydroponics every direction is looked at in detail for the well being of the reader. Shane Dickson, Ireland.

The main idea is to support hydroponics at home as a fertile action and most likely sometime ahead switch it into a small business. Shirley Monroe, Brazil.

The advantages of hydroponic growing are unlimited and fantastic and one cannot afford to leave behind such a delightful profitable idea. Choosing the deep water culture or nutrient film technique relies upon grow cycle that is hoped for. Isaiah Rawa, Egypt.

A fine display of hydroponics kits to encourage the reader make a informed choice is furnished here. Beginning from deep water culture the focus is always on the grow cycle and the use of organic fertilizers is as well as dealt with. Sonia Magdelene, Toronto.

Inputs are made available upon the best hydroponics setup one may have to take on for the maximum rewards. These inputs are useful not only for those who desire to pursue hydroponics in India but for those all over the world who are excited in deep water culture or further methods that improve the grow cycle. Joseph Auguiar, Costa Rica.

Whatever one needs to grasp on how to begin a hydroponic garden is easy to get to on our default website and supplementary connected sites and you need not look for anywhere else. Ivana Rabzoky, Russia.

A study is in addition to carried out on the equipment used taking into account the hydroponic system and its availability. Moreover we are in the stage of developing our own economical designs to facilitate hydroponic crop growing at home cost working and profitable. Rafael Soares, France.

Many types of hydroponics kits are experimented by us and a comprehensive list is displayed for the help of the visitor. Jenny Shrivers, Kentucky.

Detail is collected on the most useful hydroponics setup pertaining to particular conditions and displayed on this page and numerous videos have been displayed on our Facebook page and group. Ashley Murray, New Zealand.

In the deep water culture the nutrient solution can get stagnated not only affecting plant growth but also allowing algae to thrive. Sandra Jaffery, Turkey.

In the top fed deep water culture the liquid nutrients are sprayed over roots using submersible pump with the end pipe fitted with a mist creator valve. Rodney Samson, Philipines.

The top fed deep water culture provides efficient hydroponic solution for faster root growth oxygenated nutrient solution is not necessary as the roots of plants are getting more than sufficient air. Danielle Solomon, Japan.

Hydroponic plants grow best when nutrient solution uses water source that is free from chlorine bleach or other unwanted chemicals which are harmful to plants. Terence Lincoln, California.

Due to a controlled environment the hydroponic farms are taking over the traditional farming activities. Maggie De Lima, Mexico.

Mineral nutrient solutions provide energy on root whether the method of growing is horizontal or vertical. David Afleck, Bermuda.

Passive hydroponics is good for beginners but to have your own hydroponic greenhouse you need to invest quite a large sum of money. Shania Tucker, Colorado.

Vertical hydroponics are better for growing commercial products and the use of artificial light can also enhance the grow cycle. Mark Robertson, Mauritius.

The main article provides details on all main types of hydroponic materials and equipments. Gina Kylie, Luxembourg.

The grower must use adequate pumps and lighting to create an environment rich in oxygen. The right kind of lights will only work to create an environment of all the spectrums. Besides lighting the grower must focus on the intensity of lighting, temperature of liquid, and humidity of the atmosphere. LED strips work better than bulbs to maintain the level of proper lighting. Jason Rowensky, Ukraine.

To get higher produce all parameters must be in balance and the irrigation must be timely. A grow tray optimizes the use of surface area and drip systems optimizes the use of the liquid. Operation in greenhouses is delivers the best efficiency as all the requirements of the crops are met. Nefisa Calado, Syria.

There are differences in manufacturers specifications for the designs and all questions are responded to on our pages and groups forums. Excellent aeration and pieces of resources with quality service is the sign of our venture. Grow tent can be manufactured as per customer requirements. Clay pebbles and clay pellets are more or less the same and can be used without any detrimental effects. Ronnie Layton, Cuba.

Starter plugs should be chosen based on the size of the crop and growstones are not required for every type of species. You can prepare your own nutrient mix but it is recommended to start with a known and tried formula that is commercially available. Nelly Cordeiro, Croatia.

Get the best organic fertilizers, coconut coir and liquid pump for top fed deep substrate culture growth means. Use air stone of right porosity with organic fertilizers and coconut coir with substrate pump for top fed liquid watering techniques. Drip systems offers the highest class solvent means to replace coconut coir and made by reputed brands. Hydroponics equipment like air hose, organic fertilizers, coconut coir, liquid pumping machine, air stone, drip systems and all other allied items are on display at our website. Alex Upjohn, Panama.

Drip systems work well for larger species of fruiting vegetables and coconut coir can be used in germination. A good medium helps the roots develop faster and bigger. Oxygen is as essential as any of the other ingredients used in the substrates or solvents. Grower lights must offer the required spectrum of frequencies along with adequate oxygen to achieve best results. Level control is essential as a flood may cause root rot. Flood irrigation prevents the roots from getting proper oxygen. Janet Magson, New York.

Focus on irrigation, oxygen, humidity and temperature to get produce of highest nutritious value. Maximize use of surface area in your gardens to produce top quality crops. Increase efficiency by preventing algae with use of items from the top manufacturers. Maintain a period chard to drain out the substrates every couple of months. Mix vermiculite with gravel to give a good drain to the substrates that are not required by the crops. Johan Marinho, Spain.

Use reservoir to store solution of such materials that it does not interfere with its efficiency and that can withhold required pressure. Indoor grow greenhouses seldom use gravel but prefer Perlite. Angela Regina, Greece.