How To Index Blog Posts

Are you having problems getting your posts indexed in Google? This two pronged strategy works wonders! Sure methods to index website on Google that are practical and result oriented. Tried and tested ways to index blog posts that are proven time and again to be highly effective.

With the changes in Google algorithms and policies, how to index website on Google has been a question that is popularly doing the rounds among website and blog owners.

With the discontinuation of the ‘Fetch As Google’ option by Webmaster Console, how to index website on Google has been an issue that is tormenting millions of website promoters and bloggers all over the web world.

Creating large number of signals in the form of back links to grab attention of search engines has always worked but the recent problem has been how to index back links fast in Google and nobody seems to have a sure answer.

Many people know the value of back links from third party sites but how to index web 2.0 sites has been the point of discussion among the web communities having interests in websites and personal blog networks.

Google has changed its methods of operation and indexing and how to index blog posts is becoming the increasing torment of bloggers and small business website owners.

The only practical solution that has proved to produce results is creating large number of social media signals and using the automation tool offered by only the top free ping submission sites.

Effective Ways To Get Fast Indexing

How to get a site or page indexed by Google has been the harrowing issue faced by most website or blog owners in recent times. A lot of options have been floating around from the amateurs as well as from the professionals but none seem to be backed by solid proof of positive results. However there are certain ways that have always right from the inception of the internet and these still give results today. A few of them are listed below for your practical use.

Harnessing The Power Of Social Media

Sharing links to as many social media platforms is and has been the best method to attract attention of the search engines. This has been publicly accepted in interviews by CEOs from Google and Bing. However links shared on a few personal accounts repeatedly will not get the expected results. The search engines track the identity, IP addresses and geo locations of these accounts. The only solution is to get people to post or share your links on their accounts. This sounds like an impossible situation and it is. But hold on we have developed an option to get as many postings and shares as possible.

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Ping Submission To Active Directories

The second method that can work in your favor is submitting your site to various directories that are regularly inspected by search engine bots due to continuous posting of new content. However doing this manually is impossible and this has to be done using automation tools. This process is called pinging. There are hundreds of online free ping submission sites with tools that offer facility to ping your URL to various directories but most are just scam pages that want to promote something else. The method adopted by free ping submission sites is explained below. Use this best Online Ping Website Tool to alert all search engines.

Must Do For Small Site Owners

Small website owners, startups, and bloggers need services and tools that are free to use as their budgets are negligible. The two most effective methods to get your site indexed by Google are building large number of social media signals from the accounts of different people with unique IP addresses and targetable geo locations and submitting your site or page to as many as possible directories using the automation facility offered by online free ping submission sites.

What is pinging and ping submission websites?

And ping submission websites are the sites which help in doing this process of pinging. In order to ping your URL or submit your URL to these websites, you have to use complimentary ping submission sites list, noted in this post. These complimentary ping submission websites list will help you to get your URLs indexed extremely quickly.

Top Free Ping Submission Sites

In short, Ping Submission websites can include value to your link structure strategy, and let them get indexed by various Search Engines, Website Directories, News Site, Material Aggregators and many others. Some other methods to construct quality back links are search engine submission sites list, directory site submission sites list, social bookmarking sites list, and profile production sites.

How to utilize ping submission websites?

Using ping submission sites list of high Page rank and domain authority, you can more traditionally index your web material by means of hundreds of online search engine. Here are the exact steps to use any ping submission websites in a more efficient method. Just choose the ping submission site from the list of high PR ping submission websites.

Type the URL of your blog or site which you like to get indexed by search engines in the box. Now send the ping to the directories by clicking on the save button. Just a single click is strong enough to get your site, blog site, or back links get crawled by search engines.

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