Maximize the power of your backlinks by boosting page rank. High DA is not sufficient. High PR is also necessary. Join the Ranksnap Exchange and increase power of your backlinks exponentially.
ranksnap backlinks generator exchange

High Quality Backlinks Bonanza Offer

Join my Facebook Group and get 100 plus 'dofollow' links absolutely FREE. Get the latest and accurate information on Ranksnap Software. Offer open to Ranksnap users only. Although there are no obligations I am confident you will create backlinks for me using your accounts and return the favour. All communications through the above group only. To JOIN group CLICK HERE

Reasons For FREE Backlinks Offer

Reason #1: I regularly post articles to my hundreds of blog accounts to improve Page Authority (PA). This increases the power of backlinks. Since I have only one website I cannot post the same URL link again and again. Google frowns upon such repetitive activity.

Reason #2: If I create FREE backlinks for you I am sure you will reciprocate the generosity and create backlinks for my website.

Reason #3: The way Ranksnap is functioning it can go bust any moment. In such uncertainty it not so wise to keep a lot of credits pending.

Best Offers

ranksnap backlinks generator exchange

Maximize the power of your backlinks by boosting page rank. High DA is not sufficient. High PR is also necessary. Join the Ranksnap Exchange and increase power of your backlinks exponentially.

What Is Ranksnap And How Does It Work

Ranksnap is a cloud based automation software tool that helps to build backlinks. The tedious time consuming work of opening accounts with multiple sites and manual posting is taken care of by the software tool. More importantly it offers proxy servers that deliver operations form multiple geo locations and ip addresses. Remember Google can easily find out how the backlinks are created. If it is done from the same location and ip address Google records it as spam and the backlinks are ignored.

The Ranksnap backlinks generator software has too many drawbacks and if not used properly could end up being a huge waste of time. It took me a few months to get around these drawbacks and manage the software in a manner that is useful. All the methods I have learnt through my experience are presented here for the benefit of others. One needs to have a good grasp of SEO otherwise you could end up doing everthing that annoys Google and other search engines. All the necessary information on SEO is provided on this page.

All About Ranksnap Backlinks Generator

ranksnap backlinks generator exchange

Make Your Backlinks Super Powerful

When somebody clicks on your backlinks and reaches your site Google is very impressed and accrues greater value to them. However getting artificial hits of short duration will create a negative impact as session duration is a very important factor in page ranking. Google also tracks the ip addresses and the locations of the hits to your site. So plenty of short duration hits, hits from same ip addresses and hits from same geo locations are of little value.

We have developed a network that delivers long duration hits from your backlinks with click-through options from around 20 different countries and using thousands of different ip addresses. We can provide hits to your website originating from your backlinks with session durations of at least 3 minutes. Higher sessions time can be provided as per your requirements. List of countries include US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, France, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Japan, India, Netherland, Czeck Republic, Poland, Austria, etc.

Additionally clicking on links within the site can also be arranged with different session times for different pages. Recent studies have proved that visitor clicks within the site (click-through) are given the highest consideration by Google in page ranking. This is one factor that can even get a mediocre page a great ranking.

Presently this service is offered only to Ranksnap users. You can convey your interest via comments to this post on my Facebook Group only.

In the initial offer you will get 30 hits from your backlink to your website with one click-through within your site. The total session duration is limited to 5 minutes. Hits will be spread over a period of 7 days to get maximum traction. All hits will be visible on your website stats and also on Google Analytics. The launch offer rate is $10 payable via Paypal only. Paypal address will be provided. Note that the 30 hits amount to 150 minutes spent on your website.

There are tons of SEO factors but just 3 carry maximum weightage (around 90%) - Unique Content, Backlinks, and Hits with click-through and long session durations. No one will stay long on a page that is not interesting. This is the simple logic used by Google's latest algorithms. But there is a way to get around everything.

Regular information will be added to this page related to SEO, backlink building and other options that help in getting higher page rankings. So bookmark this page and visit often. For the sake of education enhancement all information you need to know about SEO (search engine optimization) is provided below.


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ranksnap backlinks generator exchange

How To Increase Power Of Backlinks

Creating backlinks on high DA (Domain Authority) sites is essential but if the page on which your backlinks are placed does not have desired amount of content the PR (Page Rank) will be very low. Considering equal DA, backlinks on pages with higher PR will deliver more link juice to your site. The PR depends on content and some other factors.

Keeping a decent limit to backlinks on a blog post is necessary but when it comes to Bookmarks and Status Updates, the number and variety of links makes things look more realistic. The text accompanied with the links will also add content to the page and thus increase PR. This will also make links look natural.

The concept of Ranksnap backlinks generator exchange is to share backlinks in a reciprocating manner. This is a win win situation for all.

As Ranksnap backlinks generator offers 9 Bookmarking sites and 6 Status Update sites an exchange of 15 links makes for an ideal deal. With this deal one can build thousands of quality and natural looking backlinks. This method increases the power of everyone's backlinks exponentially.

The idea is not to avoid creating additional accounts with ranksnap as that is inevitable but to increase the PR and thereby the value of backlinks.

How Does Ranksnap Backlinks Generator Exchange Work?

Step 1: Create 15 backlinks to 9 DIFFERENT bookmarking sites and 6 DIFFERENT status update sites using content posted below.


Step 2: All communications through my Facebook Group only. Post the details of backlinks created in the comments section of THIS POST on my Facebook Group along with your posting text and website link.

Details of your 15 backlinks will be provided within 7 days in a similar comment.

ranksnap backlinks generator exchange

Importance Of Generic Anchor Text

If backlinks using relevant keywords as anchor text exceed 30% then Google considers them spammy. Google expects at least 60% of the backlinks to have generic words or phrases as anchor text. We have compiled a list of 350 such generic keywords that can be used for anchor text while creating backlinks. Generic keywords are provided in syntax format as well as normal text so as to make things easy for the users.

High DA Sites That Offer Top Quality Free Backlinks

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Visitor Inputs Are Posted Here

Your views and suggestions can make this exchange a fruitful partnership. We welcome your ideas earnestly and will do our best to implement them. Valuable ideas and suggestions posted on Facebook Group comments will be posted here for the benefit of newer visitors.

I have created hundreds of accounts on bookmarking and status update sites using ranksnap. But as I have only one website, each account has just a couple of backlinks. An account with just one or two postings does not look natural. Such accounts are not appealing to Google and will not get any rewards. However multiple backlinks in an account add variety and looks natural. The text accompanied with the backlinks add to the content and increases PR (page rank). This will further increase power of backlinks in that account.

The win win solution is as follows: If you post my link on your accounts along with text provided by me I will post your link on my accounts using the text provided by you. Please read the post for more details.

There is a special offer for the first comment to this post using the 'catch word' mentioned in the post. Offer not available for pan India members.


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