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Is There Life After Death?

The universe is limitless. The earth is just a small part of it. Life is the greatest miracle. True knowledge is the way. Happiness or contentment is the ultimate goal. Understanding the ultimate reality is essential to live a life of abundance. Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? How long will I exist? Will I be reduced to nothing one day? These questions have baffled humans since their existence. Knowing the answers to these questions is the foundation of achieving abundance of earthly and eternal life.

A high degree of health, happiness, and material well being can be achieved by following humanly devised spiritualities and techniques. However they do not offer anything beyond this earthly life. Are you satisfied of acquiring only those things which will accompany you up to the grave? It would be pitiful if our existence is only for around 70 years or so. However that is not the case. Our earthly life span is a tiny portion of our limitless or eternal existence. You will be enlightened on all these aspects as you proceed further.

Is There A God?

The human person through the practices of certain activities like meditation and detachment can reach a high level of goodness and well being. But he can never attain perfection on his own. Perfection means hundred percent good. Anything that is not hundred percent good is imperfection.

All spiritual philosophies or religions speak about a source of infinite power or energy that is perfect. It is only by constant closeness to this source that one can attain perfection. Some consider this infinite source of power to be a person and call him God while others just consider it as a source of energy.

What Happens After Death?

The ultimate proof of perfection is immortality. The one who is perfect cannot be subject to death permanently. There are some who promoted a certain way of life and considered themselves as perfect. All died and disappeared putting into question the legitimacy of their way of life to perfection. Only one came back after his death to provide evidence that his way of life to perfection is authentic and trustworthy.

The greatest deception of our times is the belief that all ways suggested by these men who have large followings lead to perfection. Common sense suggests that it is prudent to follow the one who has provided proof of his existence even after death. All ways may be helpful to bring everyone to a point of commonality but ultimately if one does not make the right choice the final results will be disastrous.

Hence a study of the various ways of life or spiritualities promising perfection needs to be looked at in depth. The one who searches in an unbiased manner will find the truth. One who just relies on hearsay will not only be deceived but will be accused of not searching and will perish.

What Is Salvation?

Salvation is the process of being saved. Saved from what? To fully comprehend the meaning of salvation we need to be first convinced of the answers to the following questions.

Who Am I?

I am a created being. I am created to be a child of my Creator. A child is someone who reflects the nature of the parent. Not physically but in thought, word, and deed.

Where did I Come From?

I am a citizen of heaven. Heaven is not a physical place but presence of the Creator. I am created to be in his presence forever.

What Am I Doing Here?

Like many others I am placed on this earth for a certain time. I am being tested for faithfulness towards my Creator. There are guidelines to what I can do and what I cannot do. I have to face numerous situations in life and deal with them appropriately. There are rewards for keeping the guidelines and consequences for breaking them. Keeping the guidelines indicates faithfulness towards the Creator.

From the origin of humankind no one has managed to keep all the guidelines. For those who have come to the realization that this cannot be done on their own a provision has been made. The provision is Jesus. If you believe in Jesus you get an opportunity to start again every time you fail. Everyone has to make a choice to accept Jesus or continue on their own.

How Long Will I Exist?

My earthly life span is limited. Normally it is around 70 years. After I die my body will perish and become dust but my soul will face judgment before the Creator. Judgment will be on how I followed the guidelines during my earthly life. If I pass the test of faithfulness towards my Creator I will be rewarded with eternal life in his presence. If I fail the test I will be condemned eternally from his presence. The rewarded soul will receive a new body and the human person will live forever.

However to pass the test one has to score hundred percent. Anything less than hundred percent is condemnation. If no one has managed this since the inception of the world what then is my hope? Again the person called Jesus. Those who believe in Jesus and strive to follow the guidelines will receive grace. Grace is a free gift for believing in Jesus. Whatever one lacks from the hundred percent will be added by Jesus.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the son of God who came to earth and became man to tell us about the love of God and how sin had broken our relationship with him. He then offered himself as a sacrifice on the cross to obtain forgiveness for our sins. As proof that his sacrifice was accepted God raised him from the dead, took him to heaven and made him king over heaven and earth. Now everyone who believes in Jesus, repents and is baptized receives complete forgiveness of all sins and his relationship as a child of God is restored and he is rewarded with eternal life.

The Perfect Manual Of Human Life

When we want to know how to handle something we always look for the manual. The Bible is the perfect manual of human life. It contains all the guidelines to abundance. It reveals the true nature of the Creator. It also reveals all things about human nature. The comparison is enlightening and motivates one towards the final goal.

The Bible contains the wisdom of God which is diametrically opposite to the human wisdom. It cannot be fully grasped with human effort but needs the help of the Creator. Help is available to everyone. The gift of the Holy Spirit is given to everyone who believes in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is given as a personal helper to inspire, teach, guide, correct, remind and thus aid us to grow in perfection.

This guide is a series of three parts. The first part explains the purpose of human existence and the reality of eternal life. The second part provides information on how the human person is created and the various functional areas of body and soul related to holistic self healing. The third part focuses on how things go wrong and talks about corrective options related to healing of spirit, healing of mind, and healing of emotions. You have just read part I.

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