Compilation of hundreds of Q&A on the topic of SEO from basics to advanced and covers all the latest developments in the field.

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What is search engine optimization or SEO?

Creating a web post or a web page keeping in mind all the factors used by search engines like Google or Yahoo to decide page rank and thereby search position on index pages is called search engine optimization or SEO.

What is on page SEO?

Implementing the factors used by search engines to decide page rank and subsequently search page index position within the web post or web page is called on page SEO. Examples of some factors: original content, title, description, headings, etc.

What is off page SEO?

Implementing the factors used by search engines to decide page rank and subsequently search page index position outside the web post or web page is called off page SEO. Examples of some factors: external links, social media signals, promotions, etc.

What is Page Authority or PA?

Google uses hundreds of internal and external factors of a web post or web page to evaluate its worthiness. This is called page authority or PA. This is indicated by a value ranging from 1 to 100.

What is Page Rank or PR?

It is a value that is given to a web post or web page based on evaluation of many predefined factors. This is indicated by a value ranging from 1 to 10. This value is instrumental in deciding search page positions. The algorithm used to measure PR was developed by Larry page and hence the name. Presently this value is not made public by Google.

What is algorithm?

A software program used to evaluate web posts or web pages based on a set number of predefined factors or parameters and give them a numerical assessment value is called algorithm. This numerical assessment value is used to decide search page positions.

What is search page index?

Search engine robots or software programs continuously collect information of all sites and all activity on the internet. This information is stored and an index is prepared for its easy retrieval. This index is called search page index. Example of index: If you want to find a particular matter in a book you will search in the index which is prepared to make things easier and faster.

What is search page position?

When a query is placed in the search box of a search engine like Google a list of web posts or web pages is displayed on a page. The position occupied by a post or page is called the search page position. The position may be on the first page of the search results or subsequent pages. Unlike PR or PA no two posts or pages with similar content can have same search page position. This position is not permanent and keeps varying based on the evaluation vis-a-vis the posts or pages on other sites with similar content.

What is a domain? What is a domain extension? What is an URL?

A domain is a virtual office or shop where all your web resources or assets are stored. Each domain has a unique web address called URL using which the resources can be accessed by the internet users. A domain name has an extension connected to it by a dot and is called the domain extension. Domains may have different extensions but no two domains can have same address. A protocol is prefixed to the domain address to indicate its safety level for the user. The plain http:// protocol is unsafe but https:// is safe. Example: vizmit.com is a domain with the name vizmit and a domain extension of .com and the URL is https://vizmit.com

What is Domain Authority or DA?

Google uses hundreds of internal and external factors to evaluate the worthiness of a website site. This is called domain authority or DA. This is indicated by a value ranging from 1 to 100. Factors like domain age, protocol, quality of content, number of posts, external links, etc. are used.

You can drive traffic to a local business or an online store with the proper focus on local SEO. Start with long tail phrases to get faster Google pagerank. Launch a marketing strategy related to your business model and paid advertising helps. Exact match anchor text will help to get link popularity. Watch videos of Danny Sullivan to learn latest optimization techniques. Charlotte Harper, Honduras.

In a world of mobile first index the search engine optimization services must give due importance to the mobile version of the site. Launch an email outreach on a daily basis. Work on business listing and guest blogging to increase Google interest and get organic search traffic. Emilio Anderson, Jamaica.

Use the step by step guide to learn about load speed and internal search to target potential customers. Pay greater attention to mobile page speed, image compression and social media network signals. In depth analysis on server response time will also help to remove unwanted codes. Abigail Madison, Macedonia.

Use a competitive keyword also in your blog content and use keyword rich anchor text while building links. The starter guide on internet marketing services and especially SEO marketing is a good help. Dean Jake, Monaco.

Long form content has to be prepared before launching any SEO campaigns and the marketing campaign should follow. Smart use of key phrases turn ordinary stuff into amazing content and writing your own is cost effective. Luna Willow, Norway.

Google search engine also follows forum posting and online marketing can help to build a good online reputation. Study by Ahrefs using their webmaster tool reveals the traction got by using the main keywords in the title and main headings. Edwin Julius, Oman.

While creating internal anchor text links make sure the keyword density does not exceed the limitations. Don't make any errors in the source code and get some authority websites to deliver inbound links. Nowadays Google alert makes SEO tasks easier. Evelyn Chole, Palau.

Build a SEO plan for search engine traffic and authority sites and make a priority list of your of the improvement that is desired. Mobile friendly test reveals the loading time and this has enlarged the range of SEO in present times. Leon Tyson, Zambia.

A strong internal linking is part of basic SEO training and with multiple keyword phrases a favorable ranking can be achieved. High authority websites do give a ranking boost and there are many which are free to post and build high quality backlinks. Grace Victoria, Sweden.

Use of grey hat SEO and sometimes even black hat SEO should not be ruled as it all depends on what your competitors are doing to hijack traffic. Do all it takes to get a favorable ranking but do it discreetly and wisely. Tony Danton, Kuwait.

A blog post with quality content and good on site SEO with a reasonable inbound link plan will get good organic traffic on the long run. A guest post must also focus on user experience. Raiza Sheik, Saudi Arabia.